Pittsburgh Mayor Pushes Firearm Confiscation Orders, Gun and Magazine Bans

Breitbart: Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto (D) is pushing firearm confiscation orders, bans on commonly-owned semiautomatic firearms and “high capacity” magazines.

Following the October 27 attack on the gun and security-free Tree of Life Synagogue, Peduto voiced opposition to hiring armed guards to protect congregants. Eleven innocents were killed when a gunman entered the synagogue and no one could shoot back.

Peduto’s solution is to create gun confiscation orders, ban commonly-owned semiautomatic firearms, and ban “high capacity” magazines and bump stocks.

There are two problems with Peduto’s proposals: 1. They would not prevent another synagogue attack from occurring because the biggest issue in a mass shooting is not the type of gun used but the amount of time the attacker has to ply his trade.

For example, while the Democrat Party and gun control groups focused on the type of gun used in the February 14 Parkland shooting, they overlooked the fact that the Parkland gunman has so much time that he was able to pause five times and reload during the attack. There was not pressure because no one could shoot back.

Moreover, the December 14, 2012, Sandy Hook attacker had over nine minutes without armed resistance when he struck that gun-free school. With that kind of time in a gun-free scenario an attacker with a five shot revolver and a pocket full of bullets could kill a gut-wrenching number of innocents.  more here

14 Comments on Pittsburgh Mayor Pushes Firearm Confiscation Orders, Gun and Magazine Bans

  1. These (d) assholes just WANT the bloodshed to start! They think they’ll win once matters get to that point.

  2. @forcibly deranged December 17, 2018 at 12:36 pm

    > They think they’ll win once matters get to that point.

    No one expects The Islamic Inquisition!

    (And nobody else intends to fix the problem — just put a sticker over it, and demand more gibs.)

  3. Soooo … the mayor of Pittsburgh has the “authority” to arbitrarily suspend the rights of Pittsburghers?
    Huh? If he can deny them their 2nd Amendment then he also has the “authority” to suspend the Press? Close the churches? Put the negroes in chains? Arrest and execute anyone silly enough to oppose him?
    My goodness!
    They surrendered much when they “elected” this asshole, didn’t they?
    Well, no need for those pesky “rights” when you have that omnipotent (and inherently benevolent) police-state looking after you and protecting you!

    “Just do as you’re told, and no one will get hurt.”

    Been tried: ask the Jews, ask the Cubans, ask the Chinese, ask the Tibetans, ask the Ukraines, ask the Indians (Cherokee, Sioux, Apache, Arapaho, Creek, Pawnee, Nez Perce, &c., &c., &c.) … oh … well … some of em ya can’t ask cuz there ain’t no more …)

    No coincidence that Pittsburgh was originally settled by the French?

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Gun confiscation. ERPO laws enacted in 13 states and increasing paving the way. Major East Coast cities deploying the military multiple times over the last five years.

    Here’s your sign.

  5. This guy is a world class putz. You can’t get a full sense of how much of a jagoff he is unless you live here. He’s an absolute embarrassment.

  6. I think Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto (D) should lead the team into the “inner city” to confiscate all the guns from the “brothers”. That should put a quick stop to this program and Peduto’s dictatorship.

  7. Three Dollar Bill… a FIVE ALARM schmuck-up. 🙄

    He & Corky O’ Connor can’t get it through their thick skulls of mush, that they CAN’T preempt PA’s Constitution… but like lemmings, they’re gonna try anyways.

    They’re trying to look ‘cute’/relevant as democraps. They aren’t. 😳

  8. I said his campaign motto should have been:

    “If you think Ravenstahl was a crook, just wait until a PROFESSIONAL gets in office!” 🙄

  9. The Pittsburgh “Pirates” are now a political party in the Rusted Iron City?
    Good luck people. You should have left when Westinghouse closed their factory.

  10. This asshole has never actually held a real job. He’s a career politician and political operative. When elected mayor he carried 84% of the vote. Just how stupid are people from Pittsburgh. I hate to say that but to carry that much of the vote a hell of a lot of republicans must have voted for him. In any event it sounds like political bluster as I would think that orders violating your constitution can’t be issued from the Mayor’s office. At least I hope not.


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