PJW: ‘Take a Knee’ is Total BS

Real Americans don’t give a sh*t about whiny, privileged multi-millionaire brats and their tedious, tiresome virtue signalling.

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22 Comments on PJW: ‘Take a Knee’ is Total BS

  1. If these dolts are SO worried about police “brutallity,”
    then, being football players,
    WTF don’t they organize
    “tackle a cop in public today” actions?!?

    Go ahead, boys…DOOOO it…you know you *want* to!
    Double dog dare ya!!!
    (ya pussies!)

  2. So sick of listening to this crybaby bullshit after a lifetime of it. Just ask one of these assholes just what they would suggest for a solution to the problem they insist is rampant in the U.S. They can’t, because they are exploiting a problem that is way smaller than they would have us believe.

  3. Good thing is, it works FOR Trump 2020
    (and, hopefully, the *good* 2018 candidates).

    Sad thing is, it sorta helps the Left in that
    1) it kills off one of the base “American” sports (aside from Baseball),
    2) given the “void” created by “1” above, allows soccer (the globalist’s sports vehicle) to fill the “winter” slot for sports fans.

  4. Hey Czar,
    Don’t give up hope, this may actually have a cleansing effect of removing all of the B.S. SJW stances from pro sports.

    As I mentioned earlier, this is backfiring on them – as a protester you never want to touch the dreaded “3rd Rail” of politics: The National Anthem and the Flag. Only fringe groups and nutjobs do this, not multi-billion dollar businesses.

    I think this may actually get them to focus on the game once again, and quit wearing pink, taking a knee and other B.S.

  5. The National Fruitcake League has long misused the National Anthem to benefit them and now, like the scumbags they are, they disparage it and treat it like a pair of their old stinky jockstraps

  6. Nothing says: “Hey! Look at ME! I’m not only a fucking FOOL, but a HYPOCRITE millionaire, as well!” as being a fucking retard ball player, paid $Millions to play a stupid game, and whining about the country that provides such opportunities to, otherwise, unemployable mentally defective slap-heads.

    Fuck Off, Eat Shit, and Die.

    You are totally superfluous – if the NFL ceased to exist tomorrow, the World would not be any worse off.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Let’s see, now. In the world of professional sports:

    Baseball on TV is almost as boring as watching golf,

    Basketball is a game of penalties and foul shots,

    Hockey is great if you like organized fights on a skating rink,

    Soccer (football to the rest of the world) is a game with a lot of running around but very little scoring,

    and NASCAR is watching a series of left turns for hours on end.

    NFL football was all I had left, and now they’ve ruined that.

    Maybe I’ll go for a walk instead.


  8. Actually this is just another step in this country’s choosing up sides for the final game. The Left vs The United States.

  9. TO The Gunny
    Kind words, but I’m no big sports fan myself, anyway.
    My interest is preventing The Left from any form of “victory” in *any* venue.

    In the realm of possibilities, what would be a great “replacement” for NFL would be State and local football team TV coverage…not that the mainstream stations would cover it with the same gusto as NFL (if at all).

  10. I stopped watching the felons pretending to play football a long time ago. If I want to watch a bunch of losers, I’ll watch video footage from the Ferguson riots or turn on CSPAN.

  11. Bob Costas saying all this abuse is fact, the only thing he lacks is proof, evidence, statistical correlation, factual data. he is talking out his rectal aperture!

  12. These idiots can stay on their knees for all I care, they can kiss Hillary’s stinky feet.

    The Democrats are going to be sorry they started this crap. It will NOT serve them well.

  13. Why aren’t they taking a knee in front of the local police departments?
    The have the county, state AND American flags flying there.

    They’re just mad because a lot of them have gone to prison or have been in court for various abuse of spouse, burglary, murder, animal abuse, drunkenness, drugs, etc. National Felon League. lol.

  14. The only reason this is going on is because krapperneck’s girlfriend is BLM/socialist whatever, and she told him to start it. She must have convinced him his horrible playing is because of the white man. Can’t he get pussy anywhere else? Or maybe he’s scared of her? lol.


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