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Plain Jane and Other iOTWreport Screen Names

I just posted the explanation behind my screen name, and Abigail Adams had a great suggestion.

What is the meaning behind your screen name?

Plain Jane “claims” it’s because she was a homely kid. Perhaps. But my bet is she’s not a homely adult.

There are many screen names that I often wonder about.  Now’s the time to offer your explanation.


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  1. Mine is a no brainer…When I served with the Marine Corps in Vietnam as a Corpsman we were all called DOC! An old Sgt. Major told me that practice started in WWII when during amphibious landings on the beach the Corpsmen were killed off so quickly they really didn’t have time to learn our names….so we’re all called DOC!

  2. My mother had dementia and that’s what she called me… “Whatshername”. That’s the kinda nickname that’ll stick to a gal!

  3. I chose /notmyrealname because one day I was tired of lurking and wanted to join in the conversation. I dont like to use the same name on forums so I thought and thought…..”hmmmmm most people that comment here are not using their real names…what should I call myself?” /notmyrealname was born! Or hatched….Lol! Found I Own The World through The People’s Cube and have been a fan of both for a long time. I’m still just a lurker on The People’s Cube though.

  4. “B Woodman” is my real name, no hiding behind pseudo screen names. I added “Deplorable” in honor of Shrillary’s Basket of…..

  5. .45-70 – also known as the .45-70 government cartridge. Developed in 1873. Originally a black powder cartridge, but performs ex exceptionally well with smokeless powder. It has a long and storied history.

  6. I used to post here under my real first name.
    Silly me!

    I was first directed by The Peoples Cube or perhaps Moonbattery?
    I liked what I saw and realized I should join these idiots in conversation.
    My memory is fuzzy but here goes:

    For some reason, I remember badgering Fur to make a BHO Speedwagon graphic for a post.
    I persisted, he relented and I felt a sense of belonging.
    I became a regular iowntheworld’er.

    Later, I won an iowntheworld “name that” contest Fur had for a graphic he did of Obama as “The Lyin’ King.”
    It was a lion with that goofy Barack jug-eared head.
    My submission: “KatManDouche” won. (Of couse it did, it was genius!)

    Anyway, one night I was online multitasking: drinking, surfing the web, and watching TV.
    On TV, Al Sharpton called someone a Crazy White Cracker.
    Perhaps it was the tequila that night, but I seriously felt he was speaking DIRECTLY TO ME!
    Minutes later, a post by BFH featuring Al Sharpton appeared on iowntheworld.
    It was Kismet!
    I looked down at my chihuahua Roxy, she was sitting peacefully on my lap, then looked at the Blanco Cabo Wabo Tequila bottle,

    I would become a Spanish, Mexican hybrid of crazy white cracker since I was surrounded by my favorite things
    from South of the border.
    Hell, I was a Florida Cracker in spirit due to relocation from Kentucky.
    It all fit, I posted under LocoBlancoSaltine.

    The drunken chi-waa avatar came a little later but that is my true story and I will drink to that! 🙂

  7. First encountered a chalupa in a Marysville Washington Mexican restaurant about 1990 with my family – ever since it’s been synonymous with flatulence. Potty humor is inescapable in my tribe.

  8. GrandeMe. Needs no explanation, eh? However – I am/was a mini-micro blogger. That nic I do not use when I visit other blogs. There is a reason, any one (on the right) who has a blog knows what I mean.

  9. Winbloz 95 when it came out would only run
    stable in a IBM OS/2 environment, otherwise you had
    to reboot it constantly to get that malaware
    to run games.
    I’ve been an iteration of reboot since then.

  10. I am a brown-eyed girl and I love the song. Every time I hear it, it reminds me of my first love: A young man who had just returned from Vietnam where his hands were burned off when his tank was bombed. He was 5 years older than I and in those days the age difference was too much (I was 15). He used to sing it to me. Wonderful memory.

  11. Eugenia
    It was the name of my mini-rex house rabbit(RIP)Eugenia Victoria Tooms the Evil Bunny. She was named after an ‘X-Files’ character Eugene Victor Toombs, ‘Squeeze’. He built a nest among other things. She built similar nests in odd places using her hay and dirty socks from the laundry basket.
    I’m not good at clever names and happened to be looking at her cremation box when I first posted hence Eugenia.

  12. “‘Now we are even’ quote Steven, when he gave his wife six blows to one.”–from Journal to Stella by Jonathan Swift. I chose even steven as a forum name years ago because I liked the more than even meaning behind it. I wrote a paper about it in college and found that it may date back to the 1300’s, although it was not even Steven in that reference. It was unset Steuen, I think. Some guy named Steuen was upset about a bad deal he got trading his cow. I forget the details. I followed BFH here from The American Thinker years ago and have enjoyed the site ever since.

  13. Because I would bitch to friends and family all the time about the ever expanding government deficit spending. I still feel this way after years of Bush & BHO , but I was getting on peoples nerves.

    Now I just e-mail them pro-Trump articles.

  14. I found this site by accident while surfing one day. I was trying to think of a screen name politically related. The first word that popped into my head was “gerrymandering.” And then I made the next logical pun leap to make it sound like a real name. Hence, Jerry Manderin. 🙃

    My favorite screen name here is “Death By Farts.” Where’d he/she go anyway? I haven’t seen him/her post here in quite a while. Did he/she pass gas and pass? And F.D.R. in Hell just kills me everytime he posts from Hell.


  15. Childhood nick name

    But at the age of 2, I was also called “Fruitcake” (apparently, because I loved the stuff! Yuk!), which turned into “Two-Gun-Pete With The Smelly Feet” (by around 4-5, as I was constantly wearing a cap gun with holster), and “Looselace” (at around 8) because my shoes always came untied. The grade school nuns called me “James” which I thought was so respectful (my real name) compared to everyone else’s “Jimmy.”

    But you can call me Jim. Or, if you’re stuck in the past, “Jimmy.”

  16. Having studied Philosophy in college, I chose the name Diogenes because I admired the way he handled the most powerful man in the ancient world when they happened to meet, and to conceal the fact I was female. (Male bloggers tend to garner more respect) Aaron Burr give me up on the pages of IOTW. I buried him in a shallow grave. As for the Sarcastica part, just read my damn blog and figure it out for yourself! And get out of my damn sunlight!

  17. Perhaps Grayscape moved to some far off island with one of the beauties no other man would touch. There are some posters from the Ugly Mosaic days that have deopped off over the years. I wish them well.

  18. @Lady Di – Aaron Burr is still active on Twitter, but I think he’s permanently banned from Facebook due to campaign shenanigans.

  19. Got my name over at No Quarter after we all got tired of being called Racist and much worst by all of the Obots, so we all became some kind of cracker in spring 2008.
    I am still a racist after all these years, and I still loathe oButthole the half and half sort of a man.
    We were linking iOTW, Motus, The Peoples Cube, and many other sites just for the art that was so good and still is.
    Came over here in the early days and have not left.
    I still wish that the old site did not crash and burn, the old iOTW had a lot of great threads and art.
    Going over to Zilla’s to comment on the election.
    Or the game you all know what to do, and poof our names changed, I have been here a long time, and still like how the site has evolved.
    P.S. What about Mr. Pinko?

  20. @ : — Are you serious? If so, that makes me very sad for you.

    AbigailAdams (AA) was easy. I fell in love with John Adams and cannot wait to meet him in Heaven. He is, without doubt, the greatest president who ever lived. Geo. Washington was essential, but JA was the brains behind the outfit. Washington was right to feel inferior about his education (or lack thereof). I completely understand AA’s love for her husband because I think I love him just as much. And for a time, after reading volume upon volume of biographies about him and Abigail, I found myself thinking and then expressing myself (writing) in the manner of their times. The Adams are the most incredible example of what patriotism means. They spent the best years of their and their children’s lives separated from each other for the sake of freedom and their new country. He wasn’t a rich New Yorker or Virginian; just a well-educated farmer who at one time contemplated the ministry. She was a dedicated wife and a courageous stalwart for her “Dear Friend.” And I find it wholly unacceptable that there is no amazing monument to John Adams in this nation’s capital.

  21. A tribute to my favorite musician, expressing my need to step back and not let the craziness overwhelm. Life’s too sweet and too short. Don’t let it the noise get you down you.

  22. Diogenes,
    Don’t get me wrong, always in you’re corner. Has nothing to do with sex organs. One day I’ll cure you of that damn boobie holster though.

  23. RANTO when on a soap box, Chip Kale when commenting about food. (There was a post here about some kid who entered a recipe for kale chips at Mooch’s school lunch program. Blecch.)
    We are all the same person.

  24. I gave up the name “Dixie Normous” because readers thought I was a black dude bragging about my Johnson.
    So, I just resorted to my real name.

    What’s today’s date?

  25. Been a fan of Zappa and Beefheart since the late 60s. Saw them together in 75 in Charleston,Wv. An album called Bongo Fury was released after the tour. There was a tune called Poofters Froth, Wyoming plans ahead.

  26. Speaking of soapboxes- what if there were an open thread here for gripes. Such as lycra-clad bicyclists, inconsiderate shitbags in parking lots and dumbassery in general?

    You can send a rant to and it might be posted. -bfh

  27. I miss ChiefIlini (sometimes ChiefIllinicake) Not just because we had a meeting of the minds, but because for the longest time I thought his name was something like Chief Filini Cake and thought he must be into Filini (the film maker?) or something. Geoff C. explained Illini — like “Illinois, ya know?”

  28. Inspiration for my screen name is pretty obvious. It’s in honor of one of the mightest military fighting forces in the history of The United States of America – The 99th Fighter Squadron, WW II, aka Tuskegee Airmen. Real heroes who considered themselves Americans first and didn’t make an issue about the fact they are black. They were highly skilled, brave pilots who beat the odds and made the world take notice.
    Another fun inspiration is the “Get Smart” character, “99”. She was the smart one and still feminine and confident enough to support the man she loved.
    Also, I like the song “99” by “TOTO”, (Sorry, just do). Oh Yeah, my favorite number is 9. Go figure.

  29. I am a product of latin classes and catholic nuns. old school.
    my fav quote in latin is “render unto caesar” so my name was born.


  30. @Chalupa, Grayscape went up to the big box in the sky about 1 to 2 years ago? May he rest in peace. I think he even said he would hit Pelosi one night.

  31. . . . because I can.

    Plus, i had a mgr back in early 90’s who loved the phrase “walk a mile in their moccassins”. Well, he was a jerk, so being the snarky sarcastic person I used to be I called myself Charlie WalksonWater because it irritated him.

    And i’m sure others think its because I’m arrogant or some other dummass reason.

  32. . . . because I can.

    Plus, i had a mgr back in early 90’s who loved the phrase “walk a mile in their moccassins”. Well, he was a jerk, so being the snarky sarcastic person I used to be I called myself Charlie WalksonWater because it irritated him.

    And i’m sure others think its because I’m arrogant or some other dummass reason.

  33. Years ago when I was trying to get an email address using my name I kept getting suggestions with random numbers. Figuring I would never remember the number I tried to think of something unique that I could remember.

  34. @Eugenia — LOL! Holy Cow, you’re right! hahaha!

    Have you seen the HBO series “John Adams” or read the book it was based on by McCullough? JA history porn. And he was spot on about Jefferson being the vain one.

  35. When I moved to the states, I bought the newest and hottest US cartridge, the 300 wsm or Wizzum as it was referred to in an article I was reading. I used it as a user name on a hunting chat room and kept it.

  36. Really, BFH, 50 years ago today, the priest asked DH, “Fool, do you take this ugly wench for your lawfully wedded wife?” Poo DH gulped and said, “I do.” The priest ended the ceremony by giving DH a bag to put over my head before saying kiss the bride.

    My mom was thrilled she was able to unload me, and only had to put up a $5k dowry.

  37. Like other readers, names sometimes evolve over time.

    ElektraCutie became Angry Pancreas which became Cardigan which became Mary Jane Anklestraps which became MJA.

    You heard it hear first.
    Shocking but true.

    She’s an old timer.

  38. Some people have a Superman Complex. Me, I always wanted an anti-hero complex. That, and it’s a lot of fun to disappear into the fifth dimension every once and a while along with Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr.
    Actually, if it wasn’t for copy-and-paste I’d never get the spelling correct twice in a row.

  39. It was Snowball the Sourpuss’s avatar that kept me from commenting for the first six months of arriving at I Own The World dot com. I didn’t think I would survive that level of brash.

  40. My real name is Jeff but my late wife liked the way the English spell Geoff so it stuck. And the aardvark comes from my Fighter Squadron VF-114 when I was in the Navy. The BC cartoon aardvark Zot was our squadron mascot. Hey it could’ve been worse I could’ve been in VF-143 The Puking Dogs. And I’m also a Muskie because I swam like a muskrat when I was a kid, one of my friends dads nicknamed me that or Russell which is my middle name which I hated when I was a kid, it’s not so bad now. My wife’s middle name was Louise, she hated that with a passion and my daughters soon to be born daughters name will be Louisa (from Louisa May Alcott), we can hear all my wife screaming, “You’ve gotta be kidding me.” And the flower guy is because I deliver flowers for a wholesale florist throughout Eastern Wash. N. Idaho and NW Montana.

  41. Perhaps he peered into the “Other People’s Money” kitty and saw it was all gone.

    Imagine…a Frenchman taking a powder when the shit starts getting real.

    You never see that. — ( Hollande: I surrender! thread)

    ChiefIlliniCake’s last comment on 12/2/16

    We have to send out an all points bulletin.

  42. It stands for Black River. It is in Arizona and is my most favorite place on the planet. It has the best smallmouth bass fishing I have ever experienced. This year marks my 38th consecutive year going there.

  43. A co-worker and I would go to his house for lunch and play Halo. He had an account on his xbox so his name was always there, I had to enter my name. One day I just put in “Me”. The next day I thought it would be funny to have Me Not You. Then it got shortened to Menotu and it stuck.

  44. joe6pak, cause I would like to think I’m a regular guy. 7 digits because that is what would fit on an Alaska license plate. When I got pulled over and the trooper came up to my car and said “OK Mr 6 Pak, license and registration please”, I knew that was a bad idea.

  45. I have seen Chieftain over at The Last Refuge now and then.
    I want to hear Moe Tom’s story it will be a doozie.

  46. I was named after Abe Lincoln’s half brother,Garrison,known as Gary by his friends and creditors.

    Actually,I got nothin’.

  47. @Eugenia — It is must see. Truly the best book-turned-miniseries ever produced. Factually accurate. It’s available on DVD or download. You will love it.

  48. I was at a job that was going south and I got fired for ” misconduct” and in order to get umemployment I had to prove otherwise and I did. At the time another astute coworker gave me the keys to the site and you all helped me through. Now I’m a happy camper having moved from a high mortgage/tax deal in NOVA to HHI where I help people find their new lifestyle. It was tough, but I had iotw to keep me sane! Instead of driving the Beltway every night I take my net out and go shrimping!

  49. Had to come up with a Twitter name to “test” tweet with Mr. Illustr8r for a work related project. Kept it as the Tea Party heated up because I quickly figured out I shouldn’t use my real name/location to tweet about righty politics. In fact, later on after I commented a lot on iotw and we bonded over art, BFH told me to be more generic with my geographic location.

  50. Well after reading some of the sources of the names I’m a little embarrassed to admit it’s just my initials and the fact I’m from the North as in “The Great White…”

  51. The Jarhead of course because I’m a Marine; when I finally decided to start commenting it was right after some guy named Shabazz (I think) was calling for the death of all “Crackers” and “Cracker babies”, etc. , so I combined it into Jarhead Cracka.

  52. geoff the aardvark,
    Wow, that’s a very cool story. A very unique name that I’ve always wondered about. Thanks for sharing.

  53. Oh my real name is Æðelflæd but “Lisl” is easier to pronounce.

    Just kidding. I wasn’t clever enough to make up a cool name when I started doing this. Now I’m kinda stuck with it.

    Maybe I should make up something for when I want to say really inflammatory things. I might go all crazy and stuff.

  54. I used to follow and read a lot at Ace of Spades. I was impressed with the cool nicknames or nom de plum’s of the commentors. I decided to really stretch my imagination and use the state I live in and my name. There is a leftist blog, whose name I don’t recall, that I suggested we all go and troll for comedy sake. I changed reversed my name to Ohio Nads. At first they were thrilled with all the new commenters. One guy went over as a girl. Before long he was getting hit on. It hilarious.

  55. Now I recall the blog. It was crooksandliars. After you every spend anytime reading the insane vitriol there your brain needs a bath.

  56. Fighting behind enemy lines (higher education) for the past eighteen years. Covert or overt, I am one of two conservatives in my department of over thirty full-time faculty. Pray for me and my mission.

  57. Used to frequent a site called Chicagoray. He’d refer to me as either “Doctor Dave” or “WiscoDave.”
    Kept WiscoDave and ran with it.
    Shockingly my name is Dave and I am from WI.

  58. I grew up in Malibu/Santa Monica and still live here in the Peoples’ Republic, even went to Berkeley for college so I wouldn’t miss being around socialists all the time 😉 It’s hard to beat being in walking distance of the ocean, and I have too many connections here. But you all remember, we have earthquakes here so you don’t want to move here! Oh, also really high taxes and friends who insist you’re racist because you were born white. : grew up here too, I’m sure we have some friends in common.
    My avatar is a pic of me in ‘war paint’ a few years ago at scout summer camp. I won the adult leader belly flop competition – again – although I probably had the least belly.

  59. 1) Czar – from the Obama era…grand imperial poobah
    2) Defenestration – \(ˌ)dē-ˌfe-nə-ˈstrā-shən\ – A couple of things: A) my dad was Czech and historically it was a (dark) humorous moment in czech history (REFERENCE:, B) being 1st generation American, I like the combination of that action with the all-American baseball cry “throw da bum out!”.

    Should I ever change names, it will be “The Good General Švejk”…as INERTIA *always* brings the greatest rewards in government…! (REFERENCE:

    p.s. “The Good Soldier Svejk” (in some translations spelled Schweik) is a very funny read! (my dad was so proud of the fact that, in the original, the author used all 26 words for “sh!t” in the Czech language)

  60. When I first started commenting on this site I used the screen name NoMoBo. It was right after Obama’s election and I already wanted no more of him. I changed to riverlife_callie because we lived on a river, and Callie was the name of my beloved, departed Westie, Miss Caledonia.

  61. Bocephus: Classic white trash/redneck name of the gun-bearin’, Bible-clutchin’ homophobic/xenophobic/misogynist/God-fearin’ racists the left think we all are–

    Rex: As in KING (If you’re gonna identify as some spectacular hater why not proclaim yourself King)

    And I’m not a dude but I self-identify as one on this site only. Just sayin’

  62. In a previous life I was in a MC gang, err, club. I was an angry young man just back from V/Nam and wearing a chip on my shoulder.
    My name was Door, as in, fill up a doorway.
    The Master at Arms would tell members if they could OpenTheDoor they would get away with some minor infraction.
    I got married, had kids, a mortgage, hospital and school bills for the kids, bought cars, you know, regular people stuff, that made my mother very happy. Probably saved me from an early grave too.
    Now I’m old, sick and tired, good times are not forgotten but if you remember the 60’s, you weren’t really there.

  63. Lovin all the name reasons. Now I wish I could read everyone’s bio. Too bad we would be hunted by loons if we bared all.

  64. Because I wuz always a fan of Ed “Big Daddy” Roth’s artwork, cars, hot rods, the era and I gotta big ole Rat Fink on the desk that looks back at me when I’m on the computer.

  65. Someone’s missing here tonight..

    Oh, it’s Dadof4. I wonder how he got his screen name. 😉

  66. HAhaha, AA I’ll never tell!

    Actually, I was Dadof3 until I talked with Plain Jane on an abortion-related thread and she reminded me the secret abortion my wife had meant I was really a Dadfo4.

    During Dadof3 time, Thirdtwin comes along and picks Dadof3 as a name also and I was bothered thinking someone was imitating me at first – which made no sense since I was new and no reputation – etc. Also why I set up a Gravatar account so people would know which Dadof3 they were talking to.

    He went with Thirdtwin soon after.

    So we’re kind of connected on the name thing. At least bounced off each other.

    I went with a Dad name because it was my calling – I knew as a child I wanted this. I knew it would be the only thing that mattered after I was dead and gone. I also knew I was no Jesus, or even a Ben Franklin, and wasn’t going to change the world.

  67. Just a redneck proudly serving in the rebel alliance. Would be happy to watch that proton missle fly right up the poop chute of the establishment’s death star, but my Force just ain’t what it used to be.

  68. Love hanging out here, always liked it because it’s a verb and a proper noun. I use it both ways my real life

  69. Everyone searches for something. I have more than I could want or need, except for the perfect shrimp and grits recipe.

  70. @ Frank, Reminds me of meeting a cute girl a long time ago that introduced herself with a huge smile: “Hi, I’m Gay/gay!”

    I, uh, well… waiting for a clarification. None came forth.

    Decided I wasn’t in the mood for head games while other viable prospects were around. So I took her to mean little g and left her alone.

  71. Well, because that’s what the body feels like, having been born in ’46…but the mind? Hmmm, somewhere still in my early to mid-30s, and that’s a good thing, isn’t it?

  72. IOpian – One who dwells in Input/Output.

    When I’ve tried to give my email to friends they can’t seem to remember it. So I came up with an acronym :

    I Only Pretend I’m A Nerd.

  73. Late to the party – been busy. Still new here but I’ll admit I kurked for awhile.

    “Clever” Hans was the name of a horse taught to count and used as a scam/travelling show in late 1800’early 1900’s. He’s often used as an example of early behavioral modification techniques.

  74. Many years ago my wife was at a financial seminar and heard the speaker tell the crowd: “You have to talk to your customers like they are a ‘Dumb Plumber’. Well, I am a plumber, so it stuck.

  75. Ratfink, I was also a huge fan of Ed “Big Daddy” Roth back in the day in the mid 60’s. I had the Digger, Davy and Daddy model kits when I was a kid and would doodle all sorts of cool cars with big wheels and all. I have a wild imagination and those things just fueled it. And I have a few rat finks lying around the house, my brothers started giving them to me over the past 15 years or so and I have a rat fink baseball cap which my daughter absolutely refuses to let me wear outside of the house. And I’m old enough to remember the 60’s cause I was there in a good way, all the craziness came later in the early 70’s.

  76. I put my story in the earlier BFH post last night, but then found this one this morning. I dediced to add it here, also.

    Exodus 18 – Subsidiarity
    17 Moses’ father-in-law replied, “What you are doing is not good. 18 You and these people who come to you will only wear yourselves out. The work is too heavy for you; you cannot handle it alone. 19 Listen now to me and I will give you some advice, and may God be with you. You must be the people’s representative before God and bring their disputes to him. 20 Teach them his decrees and instructions, and show them the way they are to live and how they are to behave. 21 But select capable men from all the people—men who fear God, trustworthy men who hate dishonest gain—and appoint them as officials over thousands, hundreds, fifties and tens. 22 Have them serve as judges for the people at all times, but have them bring every difficult case to you; the simple cases they can decide themselves. That will make your load lighter, because they will share it with you. 23 If you do this and God so commands, you will be able to stand the strain, and all these people will go home satisfied.”

    24 Moses listened to his father-in-law and did everything he said. 25 He chose capable men from all Israel and made them leaders of the people, officials over thousands, hundreds, fifties and tens. 26 They served as judges for the people at all times. The difficult cases they brought to Moses, but the simple ones they decided themselves.

    27 Then Moses sent his father-in-law on his way, and Jethro returned to his own country.

  77. First Grandchild’s birthday today. At least he wasn’t born on Feb 29.

    Which reminds me I should have include this bit of Dadof4 Trivia:

    I was born on Father’s day 1957.


  78. Zonga is an alias. Gypsy and reading Tarot cards are in my gene memory.

    I bilk old ladies out of their life savings.

  79. Not a biggie. Mine’s a play on my real first name, Jim. Picked it up at a previous job many years ago with the very best boss I’ve ever had, Dr. Don, a biochemist at a now-gone NE O-Ho-Ho hospital. I transferred out of the routine chemistry lab into a specialty lab which was doing analyses that I was very interested in to work for him. Don’s first tech, Tim, became “Timbo”. Later, a pal of mine from chemistry, Oliver, joined us in the lab as “Olibo”. A fourth guy, Kim, remained in routine chemistry but we renamed him “Kimbo”. Still in contact with Dr. Don and Olibo, but Timbo moved on to computers and I’ve lost track of him. Kimbo and his family moved to Maine and I haven’t heard from him in years. And . . . as of the end of this month, I will be retiring after 43 years as a chemist, 36+ in the clinical field, along with my lab manager wife from another big hospital facility in NE-OH. I will then concentrate on the “5 Gs” – God, Guns, Grandson, Gardening and Gatos (our cats)”. Not to mention still stirring things up politically whenever and wherever I can.

  80. My name came from a quote by Joe Theismann, former Washington Redskins QB and Sunday Night Football color commentator.

    He actually said this, one of the funniest things I’d ever heard:
    “Nobody in the game of football should be called a genius. A genius is somebody like Norman Einstein.”

    Who doesn’t like being called a genius?

  81. I have periodic flashes of wit. When I picked my screen name was not one of those times.

    Poor Admin Girl, I kept trying to come up with something clever, and would email her and say, “Never mind that last one, I think I’ll be ____.” I had to finally pick one because she was setting me up with a login so I could contribute posts. When I gave her my “final answer”, I could just imagine her doing a face palm.

  82. cato
    After Cato the Younger, 95 BC, Rome – 46 BC

    a politician and statesman in the late Roman Republic, and a follower of the Stoic philosophy. A noted orator, he is remembered for his stubbornness and tenacity (especially in his lengthy conflict with Julius Caesar), as well as his immunity to bribes, his moral integrity, and his famous distaste for corruption.

  83. “… the fact I was female.”

    Well … what ar ya now? Is that wun of them presto-gendo-chango thingos?

  84. Partial name of a golf course my brother and I like to play. He’s a user here as well, so it was a tip off that it was me. I think that was in 2009?

  85. Mine is pretty obvious. I live in the country about 2 miles from Patrol Henry’s home at Scotchtown. Everything around here references him, the high school, Liberty middle school, etc.

  86. Patrick Henry dammit. But you already figured that out.
    Used to be PHenry Saddleburr when I blogged over at DisruptTneNarrative.

  87. Lazlo’s real name is essentially the same as a famous musician.
    So I changed it to do my artwork without the hassle of explaining all the time (not that I ever made it big time)
    I added the Poor prefix with the thought to writing an Almanac

  88. My name has several layers of meaning. The first is in reference to 9/11. The II is actually the twin towers. It’s based on a comment I made about that day saying it’s not like people couldn’t see the signs they were coming in waves.
    I referred to it as the Sign Wave. Since then there have been more signs of the problems to come. They too are coming in waves and like 9/11 are being ignored.
    It’s also a reference to my lifelong career in electronics, IT, and music. All of which involve Sine Waves to a certain degree and my passion for old analog electronics.

  89. @dadof4
    You’re the exact same age as my own father, only perhaps a few months older than him. Neat. 🙂

  90. Like Uncle Al, my middle name is Alan. I needed something I could remember and the first umpteen gillion versions were taken.

  91. Groucho Marxist was born after multiple other nome de plumes kept getting banned on liberal chat boards…

    I tried my best to keep Groucho Marxist liberal and stupid as they were…

    I just really couldn’t be that stupid that long… Groucho Marxist came out as a rabid unapologetic conservative… He’s getting banned on liberal boards now…

    Then I found IOTW and People’s Cube…

  92. BADCO – short for Bad Company, my CB radio ‘handle’ when I drove big rigs. When I retired I just carried it over here with me. Also short for the name of one of my favorite rock bands and the title of their album.

    Rock on!!!

  93. I’m one of the regulars here under a familiar name but every once in a rare while a comment of mine seems a bit over the edge (and down the embankment) so I have Oscar Madisox say it for me.
    It’s the name Oscar Madison accidentally typed when he was under pressure form Bobby Riggs in a famously hilarious episode of The Odd Couple.

  94. Several years ago, I had the honor of reading Winston Churchill’s 12 volume history of
    WWII. His goal as PM was to extirpate naziism. Extirpate means to tear out by the roots.

  95. In the 90s I drank Corona beer. I figgered that’d be an easy name to use on BBoards. Then others started getting the same idea before I joined newer sites. Had to get creative. But Corona wasn’t taken when I joined here. (Nowadays I drink ol’ Rolling Rock.)

  96. I don’t comment here a lot, but I post a lot of conservative stuff on Facebook and have been writing conservative-themed rants since I was in high school in the early-mid 80s. I enjoy watching liberals squirm when their “arguments” are destroyed and they always treat me like I’m from another planet…hence Mork.

  97. Extirpates, I kept reading it as ex-pirate or ex-patriot because my mouth can’t really come to grips saying ex-tir-pates.

  98. Why Googie? My sister for some reason would call me that nickname when we were growing up and many times she would say it with an upper-crust English accent. When I researched that name for an avatar, I ran across Googie Withers, an English actress from long ago. She must have made a movie once – something about bees – and I do love honey. There was a photo of her in front a honeycomb with bees coming very close…and I always get stung…

  99. It a Jumble of Ayn Rand with the Galt part added, well, because of Ayn Rand. Dan is John’s lesser known slacker brother. Blame it on creative laziness.

  100. I post here and on This Ain’t Hell as Peter the Bubblehead because I spent 10 years serving in submarines in the US Navy, my current job still supports the US Submarine Force, and I am an officer in the United States Submarine Veterans organization.
    I started out as Peter the SubGuy, but people kept thinking I worked for the sandwich shop chain.

  101. Davy is my real name. I chose my Avitar in honor of the King of the Wild Frontier. David Crocket was one of the few white men to oppose the Indian Removal Act. Many of my ancestors suffered or died on the Trail Of Tears. Crocket was a great American hero and martyr at the Alamo. He dedicated his whole lif to the cause of freedom.

  102. Commemorates a former president, community organizer, recipient of the Nobel Prize and muzzie puppet.

  103. and, i left out the most important part of my name earlier and i should also apologize. My post sounded really snarky and i blame it on a bad business report yesterday. My explanation of my name should have said that someday I hope to walk on water. And its a blessed hope. I hope you all can join me.

    Right now i can only do it in the winter.

  104. @Googie
    “Googie” is also a style of roadside business architecture popular in the 1950s. Think: Jetson style diners, or the classic McDonalds building with arches on either side. I have a great coffee table book titled “Googie” that I bought back in the 1980s.

  105. Wow. Such great comments!

    At the beginning, Elektracutie was my twitter handle. Because my wit is lightning fast and I’m adorable. *eyeroll* LOL.
    Mary Jane Anklestraps is because of the shoes. I have skinny ankles and barely any heel (narrowish feet) so my shoes must have either ankle straps or the strap across the top like the Maryjanes to keep my feet from coming out of them as I walk. Seriously, I even have trouble with socks. 😜

    *Sigh* Rest in peace, Grayscape.

  106. Read every single post in this thread and enjoyed them all – reaffirms my opinion that we’re a rather intelligent, sane and clever group of deplorable humans. And if we had the chance to run this country, it would be a much better place. Thanks to all who shed a little light on themselves. God Bless us each and every one!

  107. ^^ What Bosephus said. Best commenters on the innertubes are here at iOTW.

    I wonder what Hiney is up to these days?

  108. I chose the first three letters of my first and last name and giggled them around. Otherwise I would have surely forgotten my screen name if I used anything more complicated. That was quiet a few years ago. As time went by someone gave me an avatar; a mongrel mixture of Charlie Rangel and Whoopie Goldberg. I suspected that it was either BFH, Mr. Pinko, or Admin Gal (RIP). It has since disappeared from IOTW but shows sometimes when I comment on Politopinion with Mr. Pinko. It remains a mystery as I don’t know how to do the avatar thing.
    Anyway that’s my story. Long Live IOTW Report.

  109. BTW – The great folks posting here with BFH and with Red Cube over at People’s Cube are the absolute BEST around!! Just glad to be a small part of this crew!

  110. Willy’s goat gruff…My nieces named my goats and they thought it was cool to tell people that he was “My Uncle Willy’s goat gruff”….Gruff passed, but I still have his brother Gus….and REALLY they like/liked to drink beer….William can be shortened to many different incarnations, but if somebody calls me Willy, I know they love me…

  111. I use jpm because I lack imagination and because it is closest to posting under my real name. I would use that name – John Paris Murchison, but nobody uses their real name (except Ann Barnhardt) and it would kind of come across as vanity; but I really can’t think of a reason in the world why I would need to hide my real identity from anybody here so I don’t or wouldn’t if asked to identify myself.

    I don’t know how I found this site but it could well have been initially from reading an article at the People’s Cube but it quickly became my favorite.

    And I suspected Fur was Catholic.

  112. I’m a huge movie buff. Clark Gable was one of the men I was going to marry when I grew up. Of course he was dead before I was born, but it didn’t matter because his handsome manly and rougish personais found in one of my favorite movies–Gone With The Wind.

    While there are many,One of my favorite scenes in that film is when he professes his love and frustration to Scarlett who mocks him and he sweeps her up the grand staircase and lays it on her so good she wakes up singing (and pregnant)

  113. Moe Tom and myself need an Avatar,I have forgotten how to do that.I have a nice picture of a Morning Glory I would like to use but have no idea! I can’t be annie Go Trump forever.
    Middle name is Ann.

    annie Go Trump

  114. Tolerance for criminals is in the high ZERO range. After sitting on a jury for a week, we adjourned to the Jury room. As soon as the door closed I looked at the others and said “Gitta Rope.” We were outta there in a few minutes. Foreman stood up and said “We all agree with JudgeRoyBean: Guilty.” Name stuck.

  115. Classmates nicknamed me Lennie sophomore year in high school because I was big for my age. Didn’t bother me because I saw it coming a mile away, so I basically took ownership of the name.

    And of course you have the allusion to Moby Dick as well. I think that stems from an incident in my childhood I was stranded in the middle of the Pacific Ocean clinging to this Polynesian dude’s coffin and was saved by a woman named Rachel

  116. I played with several names in the beginning trying something then discarding before finding something simpler to type. This was one of my first and was just a play on the name of this website. I thought later you might be offended so I dropped it altho still use when the subject might be controversial.

  117. Originally was just Snowball. The pig from Animal Farm. Added Sourpuss when Oblowme was elected and changed my avatar.

  118. @Charlie WalksonWater If you ever learn to walk on water people will ask why you can’t swim.

  119. Trivia: When we were all coming up with our names I suggested to Mr. Pinko that he be DR. Pinko. For some reason that just cracked me up. Pinko rejected it and said something like, “Dr. Pinko is too sleazy, even for me!”

  120. chuffedbeyondwords

    If I remember correctly, you’re around 21. From what I’ve read in your posts I’d be happy if you were one of my sons.

    My boys are 30, 32, and 38. I started young on purpose. Wanted 10 kids. Found out I was alone on that point.

  121. Fun with gravatar:

    <—I made a sock puppet account at Gravatar where the pic is sock puppets and also labeled as such.

    For humorous imposter posts. If you see this Gravatar by a stupid name – it's me.

    – Dadof4

  122. I’m a conservative republican (Red) and 67 year old grandmother (grandma). No deep meaning. I added the Breitbart sticker to my red dinosaur avatar when Andrew died.

  123. I wanted to have at least 4 or 5 kids, my wife talked me out of it after the very difficult birth of our youngest daughter. I come from a family of 4 boys and my wife was from a large Catholic family of 9, 6 brothers and 2 sisters. My kids have so many cousins it’s unreal and now they’re all having kids including my daughter whose firstborn Esther is due any day now.

  124. My sister in law gave me my name. While my wife and I were still dating the three of us were driving and two construction workers cut me off and after I flipped them off they threw something out of their truck at us. I followed them until they pulled over. They didn’t want any of it when we were face to face. I climbed back in my truck and my sister in law says, “Well aren’t we Bad Brad”. She still calls me Bad Brad.

  125. Geoff, My brother and I agreed we had 1 sister and 1 brother. My stupid sister insisted she only had 2 brothers and no sisters.

    That’s when I knew girls were stupid! o.0

  126. I used to be merry. I used to be a poppet. After 8 years of 0bamahell, I’m more of an irritable crone, but it just doesn’t have the same ring to it. *snort*

  127. Hmm… You all are pretty clever.
    Mines just a homophone of my real name – with a much more interesting spelling.

    (Who doesn’t want an X in her name? 😆)

  128. @Bad Brad….thank you, I’m glad you didn’t get that name on your honeymoon….c’mon now….giggle a bit…

  129. @Brad….we should meet someday….laughs and fishing’ and eating’….bring a women for me….it’s less then arguably thin out here….

  130. Awesome stories about the nick names. I enjoyed every one of them.

    After hearing some of the tales though, I’m starting to think I’m on the young side of commenters here. Certainly not the youngest. I think BFH and I are around the same age, but I could be wrong.

  131. I got this name cuz … uhh … well … it’s kind of a predilection of mine …

    it helps me to identify other … uhh … liberals.

    It really is more prevalent than most might think.

  132. “I used to be Phil E. Buster.”

    The IRS probably has one for you too. Maybe something along the lines of: “Dude who knows the truth about us”


  133. Thirdtwin hasn’t checked in but I bet I could fill in the basics.

    He picked Dadof3 and we talked about us picking the same moniker.

    So he picked Thirdtwin because he has twins with a younger child that acts like he’s one of the twins – so Thirdtwin.

    As for his avatar that has never changed (as far as I can tell) I can only guess.

  134. Sometimes, a primitive sort can lurk for an eon, yet remain completely unnoticed – until it bites.

    I grew up the son of a poor New England fisherman. Sturgeon were a rare catch, but every one was huge. There was never a small young sturgeon; every one seemed hundreds of years old.

  135. Before I was Tuesday (just because I like the sound of it) I was WishIWasEmma. I love Emma Peel (Diana Rigg) from the T.V. show The Avengers. But I felt funny having her picture for my avatar as she was so pretty and cool. Who did I think I was? So I changed the name to simply Tuesday and settled on the picture of Ally Sheedy from The Breakfast Club. Probably should have went with the name Basket Case. It would suit me better, but I still like Tuesday. 🙂

  136. Sig94 is a contraction of Signal 94, our old police code given by the dispatcher at the end of your shift. Had to stay in your beat until the 94 went out, then you could head towards the barn. Of course we cheated. Spent 12 years on the road in high crime areas and another 12 in administrative positions. Left as a division commander.

    The big 94 is when you retire as I did in 1998 after 24 years. I then worked 16 years with the DA’s Office and finally as of the end of February I’m all done. Some good news, my daughter is not going back to Afghanistan next month.

  137. My avatar, William Wallace, I’m not Scottish but I self identify with anyone who smears themselves with blue clay and wants the government to f off.

  138. As a young woman, many years ago, I was entering a room and tripped over my own feet. My priest at the time (we were friends) commented “Grace in Action”. I’ve used as a commenting name ever since.

    I have loved reading all of these, and am sorry I am late to the party.

  139. What a very fun topic. I wish Stranded in Sonoma, The babysitter and the kids, Cakes, Menderman, and a few others would weight in.

  140. My real first name is Deb, (popular for a gal born in the 50’s) + I’m a huuuuuge Led Zeppelin fan = debzeppelin. My avatar is I’m a girlie girl who loves little black dresses and pearls. Ta da!

  141. I posted the following last night, but today I realized I must not have hit the post comment button or something else went wrong.

    So, I really wasn’t a homily baby, and my real name isn’t Plain Jane. My mother didn’t provide a dowry for DH to take me off her hands 50 years ago today. The priest didn’t give DH a bag to put over my head before he said kiss the bride.

    I was going to sing in as Babushka Babe, but I thought it too cutsy to be taken seriously, so I flipped to Plain Jane.

  142. The only truth in my original comment way, way up, was that we married 50 years go today, on April Fools Day.

  143. You know, it’s not that you should be asking such questions when it comes to the family. I’m a friend of those who aren’t really into the limelight of things, if you know what I mean. Normally, explanations aren’t given that might ultimately affect their reputation. Let’s just say my name is associated with a highly discreet group of individuals. Anger them, and they’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse (that goes for me and you, BFH). Now, let’s talk about some politics or something other than your inquiry.

  144. Irony wrote: Trivia: When we were all coming up with our names I suggested to Mr. Pinko that he be DR. Pinko. For some reason that just cracked me up. Pinko rejected it and said something like, “Dr. Pinko is too sleazy, even for me!”


    The choosing of the names reminded me of Reservoir Dogs. I went with “Mr. Pinko” to mock the left. Curt Schilling hates the name.

  145. These were great. My favorite one has to be Loco describing how Al Sharpton was talking DIRECTLY TO ME by describing crazy white crackers. That was funny!

  146. @ j
    Thanks. It was a filled to the brim day, and in June all the kids will be here from out of town together for a weekend of combined celebrations.

  147. Bad_Brad – Ha! that’s there is funny, sorry for the confusion. I don’t own a Sig Sauer but I am looking for a “retirement” piece as a little reward for putting up with 45 years of BS. My daughter’s boyfriend has a Sig that I fired when we visited her down at Goodfellow last year and she also bought a Sig a few years ago. I really liked those guns. My wife said she’d go halfsies with me on a Sig.

    Other than that, I am thinking of a M1 carbine. Story behind that. MY FIL was deployed in an armored unit during the invasion of Germany in 1945. He was 18 years old, 5′ tall and weighed 118 lbs. The M1 Garand issued to him was nearly as big as he as. The Army didn’t have size 5 combat boots so he was still wearing the same civilian shoes as when he was sworn in (1944). He ditched the Garand and got his bad self a carbine that he carried for the rest of the war.

    All our daughters worshiped their grandparents. Sometime after her second deployment to Afghanistan, my Army daughter got a tattoo on her right side. I only got a glimpse of it when she wore her bridesmaid gown for her sister’s wedding three years ago. I only saw the top of it and couldn’t figure out WTH it was. She knew that I hated tattoos on girls but I didn’t say anything at the time (she’s a grown ass woman).

    Yesterday morning over coffee my wife and I were discussing our army girl (she just totaled her car that morning but was ok) and I told my wife that I knew she had a tattoo but couldn’t see but a small portion of it. My wide was shocked that I dinndonuffin about it and told me that the tattoo was of an M1 carbine in honor of her grandfather. The carbine also had a garland of gardenias in memory of her grandmother.

    Shit. What was I gonna say? But now I am thinking of getting the carbine instead of the Sig. When I pass I know she’ll treasure it in memory of her granddad and dad.

    Or both? Both is good. Gee I got awful chatty.

  148. I want a name that forces libstains who troll my comments to refer to something that pisses them off. And Obuttwinkle the limp wristed Kenyan Commie takes too long to type.

  149. My favorite handgun is the 1911 in various models.
    Gravatar pic is from “Boondock Saints,” selected because it resembles me.
    I seldom comment here but I visit every day.

    @ Sig94- I also have a fondness for the M1 Carbine and currently own two of them. Prices are rising but I suggest you acquire a used or restored military weapon rather than a current import. Check Miltech for restored weapons. Good luck!

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