Planet Earth’s Last Great Hope- Beto

10 Comments on Planet Earth’s Last Great Hope- Beto

  1. Why does no one in the media simply ask: “Prove it?”
    Provide a white board and coloring tubes and demand that he “Prove it?”

    Demand that he lay his life on the line for his “prophesy.”
    He’s a liar and a hypocrite and knows nothing (or little) of physics and chemistry.

    “Show Me!” how the Carbon Cycle will break down!

    But, alas, we drown in Mendacity.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. The more you see and hear Robert O’Rouke the less you will think of him. Texas rejected him for Senator and I hope the country does the same. Vanilla Obama at best and has a murky past.

  3. Why not jump in when you are unemployed and have a great ability to raise money from suckers that you can just funnel back to your family and friends like all the rest of them do via their PACS or whatever other entities they set up for marketing, travel or whatever.

  4. And yet no one talks about his mama’s problems laundering $$$$$$ for the people of ill repute aka cartels. Follow the money…I suspect this open borders turd is garnering a lot of cash from the same people.

  5. Take your pick! Climate change will kill you in 12 years and the Green New Deal will kill you in 6 years!
    Slow death by Mother Nature or fast death by the Democrats!


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