Planned Parenthood Fights To Keep Last Abortion Clinic In Missouri Open

Missouri is poised to shut down the one remaining abortion clinic in the state this Friday. Planned Parenthood is trying to rally supporters to the cause of not letting “The Show Me State” be the first show abortionist to the border. “This is not a drill,” said Dr. Leana Wen, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. “This is not a warning. This is real and it’s a public health crisis.” More

4 Comments on Planned Parenthood Fights To Keep Last Abortion Clinic In Missouri Open

  1. They’re the biggest meat bi-product producer in the nation. Their high quality cuts are distributed nationally and will leave a hard to fill void for the connoisseurs of their products.

  2. I wouldn’t mind them having their (koff!) “clinics” (koff!), if the gubberment wasn’t picking my pocket (taxes) to fund them.
    But between that, and their hypocrisy of providing female “health services”, I say, get rid of all of Margaret Sanger’s bastard offspring organization.

  3. Back a few decades ago, I thought Planned Parenthood just taught people to make sure they had the skills, desire, and resources to bring a child into the world. In other words, planning enough before having a baby. In other works “Planned Parenthood”. I thought it just counseled people to abstain or use birth control till they were ready to have a kid.

    It is much more recent that I began reading that their clinics were execution chambers for the unborn. In the interests of honest advertising, it should change its name to something else, like “Slaughter of the Innocents, Inc.”.

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