Planned Parenthood Gets a Steady $3 Mil From United Way Affiliates

The nonprofit that collects money from donors then distributes it to “advance a common good,” The United Way, has roughly 76 affiliates that direct funds to Planned Parenthood. Annually, these local offices have given the abortion provider upwards of $3 million for the last two years.

When asked why they are funding Planned Parenthood, a number of the affiliates stated that they are following the wishes of their donors who have specified that they want their charitable giving to go to their local for-profit abortion provider.  More

5 Comments on Planned Parenthood Gets a Steady $3 Mil From United Way Affiliates

  1. I refused to donate to United Way when I worked at American Express for this very reason. Would you believe one of my bosses had the nerve to ask why?

  2. Once a year United Way would go around to major businesses and push to confiscate money from our paycheck into their coffers. Management tried to shame ANYONE who didn’t contribute. I got the Shame Award of the Year and every year. No skin off my nose.

  3. My work is a big United Way supporter, and it’s “suggested” that we pledge to give X-amount each paycheck all year long. However, when PP’s relationship with United Way became known here a few years ago, the funds from my company all but dried up. When the HR manager grilled us during a team meeting one day, one of my co-workers began taking down everything she said. “What are you doing?” the HR lady asked?

    “Collecting evidence of coerced, targeted charitable contributions,” my co-worker said. Then, she cited some case law and asked for voluntary statements from the rest of us. HR departed. Fast.

    Legal and HR’s big, big boss cheese showed up with smiles and several types of egg on their faces the next day. Oh, they brought coffee and pastries, too. After much smiling, shucking and half-assed apologizing, they departed.

    Since then, not a word about United Way. In fact, I think the company quietly cut their ties with the leftist POS organization.

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