Planned Parenthood Helped Edit News Release from Colorado Secretary of State’s Office

WFB: The Colorado Secretary of State’s office reached out to Planned Parenthood before publishing a news release calling for a boycott of Alabama over its recently passed abortion ban.

Secretary of State Jena Griswold announced Thursday that employee travel to Alabama would be restricted, 9 News reports.

Griswold’s communications director Serena Woods emailed a draft of the release to Whitney Phillips, vice president of communications for Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, and Jack Teter, Planned Parenthood’s political director.

“Whitney & Jack, Draft of what we are thinking attached. LMK thoughts/edits. If you could turn around as quickly as possible that would be great because SOS wants to move fast. Thanks, Serena,” Woods wrote in her email.

Phillips responded within about 20 minutes.  read more

11 Comments on Planned Parenthood Helped Edit News Release from Colorado Secretary of State’s Office

  1. “Nothing good comes from babies being born, Abolish Life before it starts!”
    this should be the PP slogan for 2020, plane and simple, and no beating around the bush with wordsmithing shit. honest and to the point, the fact is children are a downer to these people, they cut into their lives like you wouldn’t believe. aint nobody got time for kids and diaper changing, am i right colorado?

  2. The California cockroaches fleeing the ruin they
    made of their own State, have infested Colorado
    with their Bible and gun hating, red doper,
    innocents slaughtering murder cult.
    (And I held back on that description)

  3. CO, just too beautiful to be left the fuck alone. When I moved there in 1970, it was solid conservative. District 1, Denver, had a Republican rep, imagine that. It’s gone from that to a pole smoking fag for Gov that once ensconced in the Gov’s Mansion on 8th has set about to ignore the wishes of the electorate.

    To wit, last November, Coloradans cast their votes to defeat Proposition 112, an anti-Oil & Gas industry measure which would have dealt a major blow to the Colorado economy and effectively banned new oil and gas development here.

    Ignoring the wishes of the Colorado voters, anti-industry activists are working with liberal members of the legislature to all but eliminate the $31 billion oil and gas industry in Colorado.

    Working its way to Jared Polis’ desk is Senate Bill 181, which is essentially Proposition 112 reincarnated. If signed into law by Polis, this bill would place an instant moratorium on new oil and gas development in Colorado.

    I’ve read that Weld county, a beneficiary of substantial tax revenues(as well as the state itself to to tune of $1.5 Billion/year) is virtually debt free.

    Don’t worry about CO, they plan to make up the loss of revenue by legalizing mushrooms-I kid you not.

    sigh-seems like a 100 lifetimes ago but I miss CO less & less as crap like this hits my radar.

  4. Colorado has become Calirado… Don’t move here, the big cities, Denver, Boulder, and the Springs are totally full of libtard ex-Californians who have moved here to parasitically consume their next victim!

  5. @John & MM- …add to that:

    1) The legal pot garbage (oh, excuse me…”Natures Med”) that has brought more of those types here because they can’t afford to live in California…now you really have to pay attention to unaware drivers.

    2) My rancher neighbors are royally ticked as the town-dwelling lefties regulate their 100 year-old family businesses to death (but these same nimrods still want cheap hamburgers).

    3) Colorado (read that – cities such as Denver, Boulder, Pueblo etc.) is on the “circumnavigate the Electoral College” bandwagon despite a vast majority of people living outside the Leftist bastions do not want it. These cretins will do anything to steal elections.

  6. Oh, forgot one…”Safe Injection Sites” in Denver…despite it creating the hellholes like Seattle. But they, the galactically stupid – like the Socialists – can “do it better and make it work”. Uh huh…and I have some swampland for you.

    You can’t make this stuff up.

  7. @MM- “Denver also just decriminalized crapping on the sidewalk.”

    Anything to gain voters in order to maintain power over the rest of us flyover schlubs.


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