Planned Parenthood Is The Most Racist Symbol In New Orleans

TheHayride: If New Orleans officials are truly interested in getting rid of racist iconography that has been used to generate money, they do not have to look any further than Planned Parenthood.

planned parenthood margaret sanger

After news broke yesterday that New Orleans officials would be taking a good look at all Confederacy iconography in the city, including the statues of Robert E. Lee in Lee Circle and Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard in City Park, there has been uproar from social media.

It seems that New Orleans’ public officials, which are primarily Democrats, are quick to assume that all Confederacy-related symbols are inherently racist.

Even if this is true, they should take a good look at the background and business practices of Planned Parenthood, which are undeniably racist.

Take for instance Planned Parenthood’s founder, Margaret Sanger, who is heralded by the Left for being a women’s rights activist and the first major proponent of birth control.

What is often left out and denied by Planned Parenthood is Sanger’s long history of racism and eugenics.


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  1. Some of my libtard relatives were commenting on Facebook about a post with the topic of Hillary’s acceptance of the Margaret Sanger award from PP a while back. Twice, I might add. The post pointed out, correctly, that Sanger was a racist eugenicist. The question was, what does that make Hillary who gladly accepted that awards? My moronic relatives defended Hillary and attacked the post because they couldn’t see any connection and were appalled that anyone would accuse Sanger of being the racist eugenicist she was. They were actually questioning whether the quotes attributed to Sanger were hers. The fact that the post stated they were from published works by Sanger didn’t matter. They just refused to believe the truth.

  2. When it comes to Left this has to be the clearest demonstration of their hypocrisy out-running their morals in their relentless race to the bottom, but then, they have a lot of practice! This is what they do to sucker in what I call the dumbed-down, self-absorbed, spoon-fed, celebrity-obsessed, White guilt-ridden, Birkenstock-wearing, bottled-water-drinking, Politically Correct, kumbaya-singing, Xanax-disabled, Rainbow Plantation, COEXIST bumper-sticker, Socialist Liberal Door-Knobs. They sugar-coat blatant lies and then hone them with enough repetition to make Joseph Goebbels blush.
    Ok, I expect that. It’s not a surprise, it is simply what they do and yer not going to change the spots on those Hyenas.
    What I do expect though is the Media to do their job to expose it, not to be their champions! That’s what we need to focus on. Who owns them to such a degree that they will dance like a monkey on a chain to a bunch of sick-twisted Organ-Grinders without questioning anything? That’s the real question and the real job!

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