Planned Parenthood Presses States to Make Up Federal Funding It Voluntarily Surrendered

Breitbart- Planned Parenthood voluntarily opted out of the federal family planning grant program after the Trump administration enforced a rule that makes a clear distinction between abortion and birth control, so the abortion industry giant is now pressing state taxpayers into providing those funds instead.

Planned Parenthood walked out of the Title X federal family planning program when the Trump administration enforced its Protect Life Rule that bars the grant funds from being used to “perform, promote, refer for, or support abortion as a method of family planning.”

Democrat-led states such as New Jersey, however, have pressed their taxpayers into coughing up the funding Planned Parenthood left on the table.

In New Jersey, for example, Democrat Gov. Phil Murphy recently signed into law a measure that provides $9.5 million in taxpayer funds, most of it to Planned Parenthood, to make up for the abortion providers’ decision to give up the federal family planning funding.

Now, Maine and Connecticut taxpayers are facing the same ordeal, as Democrats are vowing to use state funds to come to the aid of Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers after they refused to accept the terms of the rule and walked out of the family planning program.

“This story is so disgusting on so many levels,” Maine State Rep. Lawrence Lockman (R), told Breitbart News, about the state’s Democrat Speaker of the House Sara Gideon’s push for taxpayers to provide $3 million to abortion providers that gave up the federal funding. read more

8 Comments on Planned Parenthood Presses States to Make Up Federal Funding It Voluntarily Surrendered

  1. Maybe I’m unique, but I find myself becoming highly resentful at people that want to take the money I work for away from me and give it to people I don’t want to have it because I find them morally disgusting.

  2. Wolf-in-sheeple’s-clothing is pressing that shiite here in PA.

    He can take a number and practice his pucker… 😡

  3. Here is a novel idea, let the people who use PP pay for their own abortion. If they can’t pay,
    finance it yourselves. For accounting purposes receivables are considered an asset.

  4. I am glad I live in Colorado. Not only because we have great views of and from the Rockies, but because we enacted the Taxpayer Bill Of Rights (TABOR) in 1992. Unfortunately, we are electing more and more Democrats to office, but with TABOR, they can’t just raise taxes to give to organizations like the immoral Planned Parenthood.

  5. …maybe we wouldn’t have to worry about funding so much if we completely outlawed infanticide, just sayin’…

  6. Now at least the entire country is no longer going to have to pay for abortions regardless of their wishes. Those States (likely Democrat) will now have to pay for their own and likely much increased cost. Maybe it will help convince the conservatives (and even those liberals who oppose or at least want to limit abortions) in those States to actively resist the Democrat Party.

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