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Planned Parenthood Supporter Repeatedly Kicks Elderly Pro-Life Man


On Thursday, March 14, an 85-year-old pro-life advocate was the victim of a brutal attack outside a San Francisco Planned Parenthood facility. The pro-lifer was participating in a peaceful 40 Days for Life campaign when the assailant stole the victim’s banner and viciously beat the victim. The same assailant had assaulted the victim and another man just two days prior.

The elderly man tried to stop the theft of the banner by putting a stick holding the banner into the spokes of the bicycle. The perpetrator shoved the man to the ground and began violently and repeatedly kicking and threatening him.

Apparently, Planned Parenthood has video surveillance of the area where the attacks took place, but it has been initially reported that it is unwilling to release the video.


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  1. Listen to me carefully

    If these Satanists advocate for themselves and others to behead, disassemble a human being inside of another human being, reassemble the body outside to make sure all of the parts were retrieved, and / or kill the child post birth, THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT A*N*Y*T*H*I*N*G OR ANYBODY AT ALL!

    You think they care about an old man? The homeless? People running across the border to rape and murder us? Muslims from hostile countries to come here and kill us? Global Warming and the planet? Recycling? Clean air and water?

    N***A PLEASE! They have no morals at all. It’s a selfish communist ploy to pull heart strings in order to further their agenda.

    Abortion is the end of the discussion. If you are for abortion, your so-called caring about some other political issue is invalid.

  2. How come I’m never around when this shit goes down? I would of broken the pussy in two and shoved that sign post deep up his ass. I’m 67 years old, but I know I can take out any punk who decides he will beat up an old man.

  3. And people ask me, “Why do you carry a gun?” Because I ain’t so young anymore and between the Left Wing Media and the Left Wing politicians and their scumbag supporters, I need something to even the odds against me.

    And oh yeah, and because I can. Look it up. It’s the Second Amendment and it my Constitutionally protected RIGHT to do so.

  4. Hope the old man at least messed up the wheel with his stick. He made the right decision not to whack the punk. I’d have made the wrong decision.

  5. Planned Parenthood may not want to show the video, but a crime has been committed and it is evidence of that crime.

    Refusing to provide it, if it gets subpoenaed, which depends on the police investigators, or destroying it would be a serious crime in itself (refusal to comply with a subpoena or destroying evidence to avoid compliance).

    If the police actually pursue it, which end up being the case beyond a token showing.

  6. Planned Infanticide are the criminals. They make profits from selling baby parts to the highest bidder. Usually a Left leaning pedophile in need of a sex slave.

  7. Violent pro-abortionists deserve to have violent retroactive abortions.
    Neat, clean, and solves multiple issues.


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