Planned Parenthood Ottawa: Your Daughter “Jeremy” Can be Oppressed by Hugs

Planned Parenthood Ottawa, part of the national Canadian organization that helps provide information on sexual and reproductive health issues, has a message for parents thinking about bring children to Thanksgiving: they can be oppressed if they are forced to hug a relative.

The message was posted on PPO’s official Facebook page and was first reported by iOTW Report.

According to the post, children should not be forced to even touch a relative. This is because hugs from relatives that make your child uncomfortable teaches them that they do not have autonomy over their body.

If friends ask why, PPO suggests you say, “We’re teaching Jeremy that she is allowed to make decisions about her body. Thanks for respecting her wishes:”
Planned Parenthood

When asked why they called a female “Jeremy,” Planned Parenthood Ottawa responded, “We used “she/her” pronouns for a child named Jeremy demonstrate that some people with traditionally masculine names aren’t – or don’t feel like they are – male. We work with a fair amount of gender creative children and trans youth, and we want to make sure that they are reflected in our materials.”

Planned Parenthood Ottawa also continued that there were different ways to say hi to relatives that involved no touching, such as “a wave or a fist bump.”

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  1. A daughter named Jeremy?

    Nawww, she won’t turn out fucked up.

    Seriously, as a society when we see these names being assigned, at the maternity ward, the parents should be taken to the lunatic asylum and the child handed over to Conservatives.

    Enough already.

  2. They are training “Jeremy” to have NO affection or regard for any relatives so he/she/it won’t have any compunction about having any of them euthanized under obammycare later.

  3. Wave? or a fist Bump? UGH! We do not allow any fist bumps
    from any body.We say, Oh no …that’s a oBama thing. Get outta here.Shake like a man.

  4. I do hugs. My mom says I do them better than anybody. My next older sister says I take the broken parts and put them back together when I hug someone.

    Maybe because when I hug someone, I mean it. If I do so, it ain’t just a mechanical operation. I’m bringing someone to my breast and joining with them. Sometimes in the joy of reunion, sometimes in the sharing of grief that is all too common in this world.

    I take neither lightly. This to me is communion. It is a way of illustrating in the flesh that we are not alone. For all I know, this may be an aspect of the “laying on of hands” that is spoken of in the good book.

    I feel kind of silly telling you guys all this. But, this is a thing that is part of me.

  5. Planned Parenthood would be proud of me, because I find many of my relatives annoying and inconvenient. So instead of hugs, I rip them to pieces with heavy duty tongs and vacuum up the remains with an industrial strength shop vac. I should probably consider selling usable organs to supplement my income, though.

  6. Lowell, Don’t feel silly. You are giving a healing touch with that kind of hug. For all you know, it could be the only hug someone gets in a long, long while.

  7. So it’s their body until they are sick and then they belong to the state.
    You and the kid have little say on treatments.

  8. The easy solution to avoiding problems like this it to avoid inviting mentally diseased/disturbed relatives and their spawn to your family gatherings. There is nothing wrong with keeping your own family circle as tight as you require, and if you have relatives like these, avoid inviting them whenever possible.

  9. Excellent point, Chieftain.
    I’ve heard people say that for them Thanksgiving and/or Christmas is a nightmare, because they are surrounded by relatives that are leftards and/or whackjobs.
    I always tell them that they are “allowed” to avoid such people, just as they would if they were not related.
    Gee..what a concept!

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