Planned Solar-Panel Facility Threatens Historic Virginia


“We’re destroying huge amounts of land for a system that, at best, is 20 percent efficient,” industrial electrical contractor Doug Orye told the Washington Free Beacon in May, explaining that for their cost, solar facilities produce an almost negligible amount of energy.


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  1. Solar panels are great for radio
    operators like me who need to charge
    up a few big batteries to operate when
    the power is out.Critical & dependable
    power for the public,not so much…
    20% is what I was taught also.

  2. When somebody develops a solar collector that is more efficient than the modern way of generating current, you will not be able to stop it.
    I believe that a look into a two tier system (AC for the big commercial stuff like motors and DC for most household use) could bring residential solar into a better light

  3. No one likes to talk about the real costs of Solar for the grid, but everywhere it is taking roots they are having to raise consumer rates to pay for its use instead of either holding them where they are or lowering them.

    That should pretty much tell the story.

  4. Energy and impact just to make the panels outweighs the benefit. Then the panels don’t last long without expensive maintenance. Again, like wind power the subsidies to the first company to install them make it worth while to them. After that loss no maintenance etc. You got a junkyard that your taxes subsidised. Nuclear, natural gas, clean coal the only way to go unless you can also harness the tides.

  5. Current solar panel technology is not efficient enough for solar panels to be a viable solution as a main source of power. Maybe one day but we do not have the technology for the production part nor the technology for the power storage.


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