Play 3rd World Games Get 3rd World Diseases

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  1. It exists in the midwest, and can regularly kill off whole prairie dog towns.

    Nothing new to see here, this is not your drama.

    But if yer a kid with a bb-gun, prairie dogs are a hella lotta fun!! WHOOT!

  2. Plague carrying fleas are common in desert like places in the southern mid-ish west. Prairie dog colonies are particularly effected.although it is true that 3rd worlders bring eradicated in the West diseases with them, this is not one of them.

  3. Between rats in NY and the plague in AZ, I was starting to think locusts might show up in South CA, frogs in Seattle and all of the above in Portland,OR.

  4. NO NO NOPE.
    I live near Peoria, so I think that I’m safe for now but… NOPE. Too close for comfort. Better forget going to Flagstaff this christmas. x_x

  5. Lazlo travels to the Rez all the time.
    The plague is all over the Hopi and Navajo Rez. Dogs run wild, eat prairie dogs, nobody up there gives a crap.
    Mrs. Lazlo wonders what I do with all that bug spray.
    It’s been around for years.
    Don’t know why, but the alarms go up every few years,
    When it goes through humans, I will gain a mild concern.

  6. Although not unexpected, sylvatic plague was confirmed in a prairie dog colony in the Sage Creek Wilderness Area of Badlands National Park on July 1. Sylvatic plague, a flea-borne bacterial disease, was first identified in South Dakota in 2004 and documented just south of Badlands National Park in Conata Basin in 2008. This discovery is the first detection of the disease within Badlands National Park.

  7. You could write a SF screenplay about Bubonic getting back into the human population.
    The medieval version mutated into Airborne. The time from exposure to fatal organ failure was reduced to 12 hours.
    Doctors, caregivers, priests and Good Samaritans were the first to die.

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