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“Please come … we’re in trouble.”


Another wrenching story has emerged from one of the young survivors in the Texas school shooting. Fourth grader Miah Cerrillo said that she smeared blood from a classmate over herself to play dead. The classmate already had been killed by the gunman. Miah recounts how the gunman shot out the window of her classroom door just as one of two teachers went to lock it. The gunman entered the classroom and continued shooting, then went through a door into an adjoining classroom, the 11-year-old recalls. That’s when Miah says she and a classmate retrieved a phone from their slain teacher and called 911. She recalls saying something like, “Please come … we’re in trouble.”

At a news conference Friday, Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steven McCraw said multiple calls came in from students and teachers as the shooting unfolded, per the AP. One girl told a dispatcher, “Please send the police now,” he said. It’s possible that was Miah, who told CNN she doesn’t understand why police waited so long to come rescue her and others.

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  1. Smart, brave girls.

    Too bad someone decided they were to be sacrificed for political gain.

    So will they sacrifice us ALL before they’re done.

    So much for the “looking for a key” argument, nicht wahr? Window shot out, eh?

    You know what would have been good for a police to do?


    You’ve got that tac gear, vest, helmet, your own rifle, and he’s in there ACTIVELY SLAUGHTERING CHILDREN.

    Give him something ELSE to point at, through the already shattered window.

    Then CUT HIM DOWN.

    yes, it’s going in harm’s way.

    But YOU signed up for it.

    Those children did NOT.

  2. When the social dam finally breaks the civil citizenry of this country will have had absolutely enough and will be merciless against the evils in this country and world.

  3. The feds were in the middle of this podunk town when it all started. Why? To instigate the situation and make sure that the death toll was as high as possible.

    They want children to die in order to justify universal disarmament. And then once the peasants are disarmed, that’s when children stop dying in dozens and start dying in millions.

  4. Nobody cares about your kids like you do.
    Full stop.
    You maybe a teacher that’s forbidden to have a firearm at school, but there are times when the law is wrong and you have to do what’s right.
    Some things are more important than a paycheck.
    But we have a drugged up dumb down scared and careful society to the point of doing what’s right terrifies them. You don’t want to be a hero, but you do need to do what’s right. And if you were there and took this guy out who would prosecute you?

  5. I wonder if that lead officer who “mistakenly” thought the shooter was in a barricade situation and no kids were at risk was a diversity hire?

  6. “This might be the biggest nail in their coffin;”

    See, it’s this type of crap that gets simple minded folk like me thinking this was all planned and intentional. Nobodies this bad at their job.

  7. 45 effin minutes before they did something !
    I never thought I would see the day when men in Texas would stand by playing pocket pool while innocent children are being slaughtered.

  8. “Please come … we’re in trouble.”

    Cops: Sorry honey, we’re too busy getting our own children out of harms way, you’re going to have to wait, me first you last.

    That’s must have been the most terrifying minutes of that child’s life. She will grow up learning that the very people that was suppose to protect her, failed her. I’m not that child, and I can’t forgive them for what they did.

  9. Plain and simple, the cops made sure the killer would be able to murder the kids.

    Change my mind.

  10. Fourth grader Miah Cerrillo said that she smeared blood from a classmate over herself to play dead.

    Innovative but really tear-jerking.

  11. I never thought I would see armed Texans standing around while a gunman was killing children in a schoolhouse

    Something has gone very, very wrong

    — Davos Detainee Poso (@JackPosobiec) May 26, 2022

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