Please do – Joe Biden might announce Stacey Abrams as his running mate when he launches his 2020 campaign



The Week-

Former Vice President Joe Biden hasn’t even announced a 2020 presidential campaign yet, but he might already have a running mate in mind.

Biden’s advisers are considering the idea of pledging to pick former Georgia House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams, who lost the close 2018 Georgia gubernatorial election to Brian Kemp, as his running mate upon launching his campaign, Axios reports.

CNN had reported on Monday that Biden was considering selecting a running mate early, and Abrams’ name came immediately to mind, especially because Biden and Abrams met last week, although CNN reports they didn’t “formally” discuss the idea of her serving as vice president.

The thinking behind this pick would be to show that Biden “isn’t just another old white guy,” a source told Axios. Abrams was the first black woman to be a major party’s nominee for governor. She’s also more than three decades younger than Biden.

Still, some advisers are reportedly opposed to the idea, recognizing that it would be seen as a gimmick, Axios reports. It’s unclear how Biden himself feels about the plan. Meanwhile, The New York Times is also reporting that Abrams is being considered as an early choice for running mate, with Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) and former congressman Beto O’Rourke being other possibilities “if their campaigns appear to flag in the coming months.”


22 Comments on Please do – Joe Biden might announce Stacey Abrams as his running mate when he launches his 2020 campaign

  1. They’re all idiots if they think that having this dumb black woman as a running mate will make a difference. It’s a race to the bottom to see who can come up with the dumbest plan/scheme to win the Presiduncy next year. And Biden called barry a clean, articulate black person. This dumb woman is the total opposite of that, she puts the dumb in dumbass, dumbshit and just plain dumb in general.

  2. While dirty old Uncle Joe goes after the little girls, Abrams will be headed for the cheeseburgers.

  3. “Old White Guy in nursing home runs for President, selects his nurse as VP.”

    That’e the mental picture I get, anyway.

  4. She’s been talking about running for Preezy herself. I guess she’s not polling too well in a hypothetical matchup with GA republican Senator David Perdue in 2020.

  5. I don’t know…Abrams carries a lot of weight.

    She’s what’s known as a hugger/chalker. If you hug her, as you work your way around you need to make a chalk mark at where you left off.

  6. Abrams = The great pumpkin.
    Speaking of pumpkin….. that’s what Biden and his relatives do around Halloween time….pump kin

  7. Comes down to this, Biden will pick who he’s TOLD to pick. The VP slot is paramount for the left. They’ll use Joe to get the WH then relegate him to the room with the coloring books and play-doh.

  8. what a campaign that would be.
    joey better start packing a raincoat or carrying an umbrella

    and people thought the guy who ‘shot his junk’ was stupid…

  9. Fur, you would have to re-do your Ridin’ With Biden campaign poster with Abrams standing on the bar between the two wheels!

    Oh, better yet, he is pulling a wagon with her in it.

  10. Claudia- the poster could be updated to show joey riding his tricycle home in the rain, and also have spacey stacey sitting in her livingroom, eating cheeze doodles and watching ‘moving on up’ on the TV.
    And put a red circle around the orange stain on the leg of her pantsuit
    And diet fresca, with a straw sticking out of it

    I think he should go for it. It seems like a good idea.


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