Please give Marco Rubio some taffy

Marco Rubio Blames Violence, Looting on ‘Domestic Terror Groups’ – ‘Far Left and Right’.

Of course, he’ll have to take his foot out of his mouth, first.

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  1. How about we give him a bubble bath and then beat the shit out of him.
    What an asshole.

  2. Let’s dispel once and for all with this fiction that Marco Rubio doesn’t know what he’s doing. He knows exactly what he’s doing.

  3. Wondering if my Senator, *Mimsey Graham 2.Zero will do his usual thing and call for a possible investigation into the riots.

    *Mimsey is currently flooding the airwaves with puke-worthy endorsement speeches by Trump & Pence of what a conservative he is and
    I can’t wait to not vote for him again.

  4. In DC you take a “non-partisan” stand by conceding territory. His aim is moral relativism. With a sweep of the rhetorical hand he condemns both those who do violence in their political pursuits and those who abhor violence for political gain, thus positioning himself as “moderate” while abandoning his supporters.

    Same as with any discussion of race, or the Police, or Socialism – “Well, there WAS 200 years of slavery (an obvious lie – there were thousands of years of slavery among ALL races)” or “The cops DO kill a few” or “But they had free education!”

    Poor L’il Marco’s just playing the game – he’s learned NOTHING from President Trump.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. @Tim: “..he’s learned NOTHING from President Trump.”

    yeah, but he has probably learned that others have learned things about him.
    That’s how blackmail works.
    That’s how DC works.
    Ask john roberts

  6. I haven’t voted for the little bug since his first election. Unfortunately being Cuban in S. fla goes a long way.
    One of our biggest problems with those in government is how quickly they get entrenched and nearly impossible to oust.


    If you think GWB’s boy Marco will name names you need to “Take out your wallet and pay attention!” ! Marco has been a TARP liberal for over a decade! He cares not for Don!

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