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  1. If you’re a tab junkie like me with at least 20 tabs open to different sites all the time, no doubt one of the tabs might be Drudge Report. DR auto-refreshes the page about every 15 minutes, or 4 times an hour, with no intervention from you, if it is left open in a browser tab.

    Regarding the number of ‘hits’ or ‘visits’ to the site. Are the auto-refreshed numbers reported in the final tally? I think so. Their billions of hits perhaps are in the millions as per visitors actively seeking actual content.

  2. Yeah, I stopped going there months ago. Too many links to leftist sites for this ‘ol boy… Hopefully now, Mark Levin will stop referring to him as “his buddy, Matt Drudge”…

  3. After a brief examination of the facts I decided to be “Done with it.”

    Sorry, don’t do anything the internet tells me to do with some thought first.

  4. I’ve never been a fan of groupthink, My Friends, But I have noticed it too over the past few months. Matt has obviously been severely compromised. Just BadBlue left now.
    Heck. Dr. Tar has better storylines.

  5. Wow! let’s not read anything we don’t like? Sounds kind of like the left to me. Is everyone offended by the headline? Snowflakes on the right now. Talk about group think. It’s a freek’n headline

  6. ❎ So Trump’s to blame for North Korea

    ❎ And Trump is to blame for anything white/right people do
    *Backstabbing dirtbag!

    It’s now the DISAVOW OLYMPICS for the next 7-10 days or so. No answer will be good enough unless you throw yourself on the floor and beg the media to go away.

  7. Snowflakes???

    How is it being a snowflake to not want to enrich an asshole that just put in his top headline that Trump is making America hate again?

    Maybe you frequent sites like that, which would explain your commenting history, but certainly I don’t.

    I was reasonably sure that 95% of the readers here would see it my way.
    So, in effect, the post served as a way of rooting out the assholes.


  8. Way ahead of you. For me, it’s about quality and the fact that they link predominantly left sites, sometimes links are dead, sometimes they go straight to fake sites, some of the blogroll links there don’t even work. I haven’t linked them since last June or so. It just got to be a waste of time.
    Yes, the headlines are written to attract lefties. Whatever. I can just go directly to the left sites and not get caught in a refresh loop [which never refreshes news, lol] when I’m trying to click a link.

    I haven’t used badblue in a long time. I have reasons.
    I will check out some of the links you guys have posted. Thanks.

  9. When he completely suppressed the savage mohhamed knoor killer muzlime cop from Minneapolis that killed that poor girl I deleted him. I sent him a lot of messages calling him a scumbag and a piece of shit thru his news tip box. I dont think he ever saw them… lol. The piece of shit never linked a single article, not once, of that animal.

    I think drudge is a Howard Hughes wierdo type deviant queer Miami techno homo. Maybe the Clintons/Soros/ CNN/Odinga investigators finally got the video evidence on him.

    He has his marching orders. Or, maybe Drudge is actually dead, maybe they killed him, (Andrew Brietbart) and some CNN homopedo rapist, recommended by Anderson Pooper, is at the controls.

  10. Why not read it all?
    Well, first of all, no one reads it all.
    You have to be judicious in selecting what is an absolute waste of time or not.

    Also, the good readers here gave several, and then some, better alternatives.

    I’m not interested in enriching that dumb bastard who stated emphatically that Trump is everything the left claims he is.
    What’s next, a call for impeachment?
    By all means, keep reading that moron’s page.

  11. Oh, and I’d be doing a disservice to myself to not mention that that friggin’ crook has used my artwork with the credits stripped of at least 6 times.

    So, by all means, keep supporting him.

  12. @BFH – If you were a snowflake, and you’re not, you wouldn’t simply stop reading Drudge and urge others to do the same, you’d agitate to shut Drudge down.

    I’m going to keep looking at Drudge, just as I look at other (fake) news sources, because for my own purposes I find it valuable to see representative views of the whole spectrum.

    Plus Drudge offers little items such as today’s “AirDropping penis pics latest subway trend…” (-:

  13. I don’t expect people to stop reading.
    But many have it as their homepage.

    If I know the readers here, believe me, Drudge is not your home.
    Not after that giant headline.

    He’s officially announced that he’s made an enemy of this administration.

  14. Oh, no. He used your artwork without attribution on repeated occasions?? Thanks. I’m done, too. I can’t be disloyal to a friend.

  15. BFH LOL just like the left. Call names when someone disagrees.
    Got to love the first amendment! Guess I’m part of the 5% that don’t get offended by headlines! Congrats and thank you! Go spoon Bad Brad

  16. He ran the Obama as Trayvon Martin at least 3 times, never linking to us.

    He ran the “Helicopters covering up Mount Rushmore” (during the shutdown) front and center and linked The Conservative Treehouse as the authors of it. (Treehouse had it with my credit. Drudge ran it cropping out our credit.

    Sundance told me he received 600,000 hits from that link. That’s about 1000 bucks in revenue, not including the people who find you and retain you as a go to site.

  17. JTucker/Stalker/Saul Alinsky you did mention ‘snowflakes’. Did you not just behave like the left as well?
    No one here said to go shut the site down, did we? He just gave you his quick opinion and you called him a name. Please.
    I guess you can go spoon Menderman. lol!

  18. I never even asked anyone to boycott Drudge when he was screwing me over.
    And I’m not going to hold it against anyone who says, “naa, I’m still going to read Drudge.”

    People who claim I’m a snowflake because I’m standing up to a huge media outlet that is adopting an egregious opinion that Trump is responsible for hate in America is another matter.

  19. I never even wrote “go shut the site down” not once did I????
    “Snowflakes on the right” Is calling someone on this site a specific name?

  20. Drudge never has anything worth linking to. There are better aggregate sites. I like Doug Ross.

    Blaming Trump for the violence in VA is bullshit.

  21. JTucker/Stalker/Saul Alinsky – YOU started the name calling. You accused him of being a snowflake on the right. If you didn’t mean that, why say it? Your first comment you implied BFH a snowflake. All BFH wrote in the title was, “Please Un-Bookmark Drudge Report” and you came out calling names. How did you make the leap that BFH was calling you specifically a name when you started slinging mud first? Come on.

    None on on this site is gathering a team to go shut down Drudge’s site or even go ruin his day. No one has time for that shit.
    It was a “Please Un-Bookmark Drudge Report” in reaction to the title. It’s a final straw comment.



    Look at today’s headline.


  23. Late to the party, I think the FCC got to Drudge after the election and before the swearing in. No matter, I don’t reward or follow subversive sights. Fur, your place or mine? Lol

  24. Gave up on him soon after stumbling upon Bad Blue, about 2 years ago. Put out the word Drudge was going into bone smoker territory. Lots of disagreement at the time, not so much anymore! Whatfinger’s pretty good as well.

  25. and my point it’s a freek’n headline. End of story snowflakes!
    19 Trillion in debt no tax cuts no repeal of Obamacare no nothing
    from the Republicans that’s the freek’n headline! Matt Drudge is the least of our worries!

  26. Glad to see I’m not alone in getting fed up with Drudge. I stopped reading a few weeks ago. He seems to be linking to NYT, WaPo and Bloomberg most of the time – sites I will not read.

  27. And again, you label people ‘snowflakes’ for an opinion. Snowflakism is a force to do far-reaching damage. That’s the problem. That’s, well, assholish. lol.

    Yeah, the debt is horrendous. Maybe drudge doesn’t know. You should offer him a snappy headline implying it’s Trump’s fault.

  28. I have removed my Drudge bookmark. That headline is still up as I right this. Wonder what has happened to send Drudge to the darkside?

  29. I’ve noticed this about Drudge as well and got pissy with that headline this am. I’m going to check out Bad Blue – never heard of it before..Usually follow Michelle’s Mirror site links.

  30. I took him off my favorites quite a while ago. That headline yesterday? He’s absolutely dead to me. Will never click on him again. And today I find out he screwed BFH over on artwork attribution? What a faggot he is.

  31. Oh, you’re still here?
    Yeah, I do think you are a little thin-skinned. [again, another term you have used incorrectly] You don’t have to leave, but if you must, I won’t hold it against you. Just in the future, wherever you go, learn to use ‘snowflake’ correctly and you’ll be okay.

  32. MJA I’m laughing at you for being such a snowflake!
    Not going anywhere. Did you miss the LOL?
    Just another uptight broad!

  33. Your late to the party. I gave Drudge a 30 day trial years ago. I could not put my finger on it, but something about that place was not right. I dropped it years ago, have never been back, and have never regretted the choice.

  34. Brad I know. Sorry!lol But seriously. Correcting spelling..
    Churlish. Going to take my 1965 GTO TRI Power for a drive.
    Have a good Sunday. By the way I did Un-bookmark Drudge.
    I hate Drudge too. My point we have bigger fish to worry about.
    God TRI POWER Speed MJA

  35. JTucker/Stalker/Saul Alinsky— Oh dear, you’re really special boy. I can tell. Let me be honest here. I don’t know if you’re coming or going, you use terms and phrases improperly and you’re bad at trying to convince people that you’re being funny or serious, you project way too much and you emotionally need a lot more attention than I am willing to offer. So here’s the deal: Stay or leave. I Don’t care. Truly. I thought I made that clear already. If I wanted you gone, I would have banned you. Can you follow that so far? I don’t mean to hurt your feelings, but you’re a little hyper and monotonous. Please, feel free to play with someone else now, okay? If you can’t find anyone, play with yourself until someone has some free time for you.

    [Can someone please sing to the poor child until he falls asleep or something?]

  36. One thing I don’t care for at BadBlue is that they frequently post a headline that will get your attention but the story that they link to might be weeks or even months old. You really have to check the dates on the story from those guys.

  37. Drudge seems to hate the Christian prayer stuff going on in the White House.

    Maybe he feels guilty about his new sex robot girlfriend.

  38. Knowing what we know about John Brennan and the CIA, Odinga, Hitlery, Andersons in a Pooper, the DNC fraud, the CIA creation of ISIS, the CIA creation of the arab spring, can anybody seriously discount the CIA getting to Matt Fudge???

  39. Sorry I’m late to the game again as usual, but how is his headline about/against Trump? Who are the participants at that rally? Is that what his headline’s about?

    Yes, I too have been irked by Drudge’s slide in the past year or two. Lots of links to that scummy Brit sensationalist paper, although it does cover stories the MSM won’t.

  40. gave up drudge several months ago cuz I found him to be a waste of time; incorrect and misleading info and ignored stuff I wanted to know about. for years he was my home page.

  41. I cut Drudge off long ago. Most of us will read an honest difference opinion but, we have had 20 + years of Hate America propaganda and frankly I can’t stomach anymore of it from Drudge or anyone else.

  42. MJA why so sensitive. Everyone on this site knows you are the smartest. What ever makes you sleep at night.. Churlish. Not trying to convince anyone of anything just putting my opinions out there sorry it offends you. Please ban me that would be great! Snowflake
    You seriously are an uptight broad!
    I can just imagine 70 year old feet in those shoes. LOL
    God Speed.

  43. I just got a can of Drudge be gone.
    he’s been getting on my nerves, couldn’t put my finger on what was wrong. Sensing a different feel to the whole set up.
    Dates were old.references to HuffPo, WaPo an just plain goofy lefty sites. I still use Bad Blue, but have to check them as well.Thanks for the heads up.

  44. Hey, thanks, you people gave me some new to me news sites!

    This morning on NPR some goof was pontificating on how the “state of emergency, the killing of three people,” all Trump’s fault, the Trump atmosphere. Sickening.

  45. Never considered Drudge tab worthy, since I’ve always thought Drudge is a poser. He’s an undercover progressive and I don’t go to his site – ever.

  46. I rarely click the headlines on Drudge, so I have no idea if the “Make America Hate Again” was pointing an accusing finger at Trump, or it was simply a play on words describing the Charlottesville incident overall.

    Let me tell you what pisses me off clicking Drudge headlines… very often the link goes to a pay-wall source and you get half a paragraph, if even that.

    Do you hear that sound? It’s the clock ticking away the time until all Conservative web sites will be ruled “hate speech.” 🙁

  47. DRUDGE is a weird, closet-homo recluse. Half of his links are to InfoWars and the other half are stories about robots that you can have sex with. Adios fruitcake

  48. BadBlue has also started the slip into progressivism in the last few months. To add insult to injury, someone there has begun injecting sports articles ugh.

  49. New today:

    I know, some will have an aversion, being that it is AJ, but it has to begin somewhere, and he’s linking to sites he hasn’t done so before. It isn’t all ‘in house.’
    Long live freedom of the press, and freedom of speech!

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