Plunging the Depths

See post for humorous gif.

ht/ docplunger

25 Comments on Plunging the Depths

  1. Love it, and if someone sold such a plunger at a reasonable price, I’d purchase it for display in the company jon.

  2. When I drop the Obamas off at the pool every morning they gladly enjoy the water slide to their rightful destination.

  3. DJT being the righteous winner he is hires people to take out the trash and shove unsightly turds into the sewer. I hope DJT’s not next on the Clinton hit list. That’ll just about set the revolution off. Again.

  4. “After what he said today, the Pope needs to be next.”

    Yep, the wife and all her family are Catholic and it’s like they automatically snap to attention to listen to the Pope. Not the wife so much, and at the same time they hate him. Amazing

  5. That thing has grown roots inside of it, you’re going to need a bigger and better tool. It will be incredible. Everyone will say, that’s so awesome!

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