Podesta Perversion

We ran a story yesterday about an email from John Podesta’s brother, Tony, to John asking him if he was going to attend the Spirit Cooking party.

It sounded innocent unless you know better. Spirit Cooking is a cult-like activity that involves sexual perversion, and often with children. John Podesta calls the host of the party, Marina Abramovic, “Mary,” in his exchange with his brother Tony, that’s how intimate his relationship is to her.

Let’s look at little more at this Tony Podesta, himself a DC insider/lobbyist/campaign manager, as well as an art collector/dealer, shall we?

(The Shepard Fairey Hope painting that hangs in the National Portrait Gallery is on loan from Tony and Heather Podesta.)

Reddecaesari has uncovered an article from WAPO that can only be found in archives (scrubbed?), published at a time where WAPO apparently thought that things like the sexualization of children had gained acceptance and was commonplace in the more progressive circles.

For instance, in the 80s, Brooke Shields, 16, had nothing between herself and her Calvins. She also starred in a movie, Pretty Baby, about a child prostitute. She was 12. In the movie her character has a relationship with an adult, one tinged with way too much sexuality. (As if a non sexual, but romantic, relationship with a 12 year-old and an adult is okay.)

This trend was applauded by the left, not so much everyone else. By 2004, when this anachronistic article was published, the dream of children as sexual beings had met dismaying resistance.

Here’s the archive.

The pertinent passage is this:

“At political events, there’s an inevitable awkwardness,” former Clinton administration official Sally Katzen said at a Women’s Campaign Fund dinner at the Podestas’ home this summer. “The art is an ice-breaker. It puts people at ease.”

Not always. Folks attending a house tour in the Lake Barcroft neighborhood in Falls Church earlier this year got an eyeful when they walked into a bedroom at the Podesta residence hung with multiple color pictures by Katy Grannan, a photographer known for documentary-style pictures of naked teenagers in their parents’ suburban homes.

“They were horrified,” Heather recalls, a grin spreading across her face.

From the book Girls! Girls! Girls! in Contemporary Art —


Connect your own dots. I know all I need to know about what makes these people tick.


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  1. No wonder the left love the muslims so much. They love love love those little girls and boys. These people make my skin crawl

  2. pedosta. i fixed it.
    these two men have been behind the scene of dc’s corruption with full participation of government elect.
    epstein’s island must have secret video of what went down.

  3. Their spirit cooking sounds like African animistic worship rituals where blood, semen and menstrual fluid is mixed together and then consumed. The more nasty the mixture the more potent their worship/oaths. You might call it Spirit Smoothies.

  4. After you sift through all the factual details of communities of people like this — and it makes me think of the sexual perversions of other groups, like the NAZIs — it comes down to an absence of God; a group taken over by evil. You will recall many artists, especially Botticelli, depicting Dante’s Inferno, in which the orgiastic pleasure of suffering and pain never achieves release. The best current example of engaging in this sort of sadistic/sexual pleasure is radical Islam (I don’t need to list the acts, you know what they are.). What better target does Satan have than the sexually innocent young?

  5. The perverted sex is part of the ritual … they prolly don’t enjoy it … yeah, that’s the ticket … they don’t ENJOY it – just part of the ritual … ask Billy and Hilly or the Emanuel Bros. or John Roberts or Barry Obola …

    Satanism … Moon Cult … izlam … child sacrifice …

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. The Sweaty Thumb led off his radio show yesterday cackling at the rubes who were disgusted by Pdesta and Spirit Cooking, and how Trumpers were beclowning themselves over a some silly, innocent performance art. Then he quoted some woman who prayed that people would see the evil for what it was and vote for Trump. “I’ll just leave that without comment,” he said. The smug and smirk were oozing out of my radio.

    For somebody who purportedly studied at a seminary, Erickson is remarkably snide towards simple expressions of faith and revulsion at perversion. I once told him to focus on his religious training, as his political skills were mediocre at best. Now it is obvious that this toady is fit only for government work.

  7. Revolting.
    Epstein’s Pedo Island of homeless/runaway enslaved children has to be irresistible to these types.
    Classic honeypot entrapment blackmail setup. Countless tiny micro cameras capturing every illegal act. Plus DNA samples off the towels/sheets/bondage whips, etc.
    Why not the ultimate thrill, real life snuff “play”? All on tape for later use.

    So obvious and transparent, what sane person, even an arrogant jaded perv with lifelong delusions of grandeur, could fall for it?
    But they do.

    If there are videos/pics of pedo evidence, from Weiners laptop or anywhere else, if they aren’t released NOW it will be too late.
    The MSM will stonewall coverage until the election is safely past, and game over.

    I’m with BFH. The election is barely 48 hours away. If there’s anything still pending, release it now.

    Go Trump 2016.

  8. @ThirdTwin, I always enjoy your posts.
    You’re dead on about that reptile Erickson.

    And you’ve got a stronger stomach than I have, to monitor his broadcasts.
    Little weasel’s voice turns my stomach.
    I won’t be surprised to learn he was one of the many, many RINO invitees to Pedo Island.

  9. Oh dude…. there went lunch.. so gross.

    I don’t know why sweaty thumb has a show. When I heard him on cam & co. and as a fill in for Rush, he spent half the time giggling like a girl.

  10. Think about how God would have to turn his back on America if Hillary and her people are put it charge.

    Her arrest and conviction could save everybody in America a hell of a lot of troubles.

  11. 1) pedophilia rings in Hollywood, in big money celeb circles worldwide are not new, and they don’t get uncovered because of the money and who all either is involved/has taken part/turned a blind eye/accepted money or favors to do so. The people in Hollywood involved are legion, do not think because an actor/producer/director has a somewhat wholesome outward facade or puts out less degenerate fare, that they in no way could be involved.
    2) the reason the Jeffery Epstein business got smothered in its crib is because Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew’s names came out. That should tell you all you need to know.
    3) there are definitely members of both political parties who’ve engaged in degenerate behaviors, I’m certain some that would shock most everyone.
    4) Brooke Shields was actually 14 when she shot her first Calvin Klein commercial. There’s also a reason she didn’t do any acting for a long stretch of time and raises her kids in what has been described as an isolated from showbiz manner.
    5) Much of Hollywood and NYC and Europe has feted Marina Abramovic for decades. That should also tell you something, if you want to spend time Googling her past, if you aren’t already familiar. She is a part of that art collective that includes Lena Dunham’s degenerate “artist” father, Carroll Dunham, and by extension, Dunham and her mother, as well.
    6) From the NYT, to Hollywood, to the WSJ, Fox News, and beyond, the vast majority of these people share two other characteristics, besides the “liberal” moniker. I’ll leave it to you all very bright folks to suss out what those are.

  12. Marina Abramovich is Christian.
    John Podesta is Christian.
    Ana Marie Cox (referenced from your other thread) is Christian.
    Carroll Dunham is Christian.

    The strongest crusader for America, the biggest patriot, the one with the most skin in the game for America, that I know of is Jewish.

    So what is your point?

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