(Poke in the) Eye Candy – Islamic Statue Erected in Shadow of Ground Zero

A piece of green candy with the inscription, “There is no god but Allah, and Mohammed is the prophet,” has been erected next to ground zero.

This is what the hijackers were shrieking.


ht/ Beachmom


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  1. Also, muzzies around the world were handing out candy after the event. Whoever approved them putting that obscenity there should be executed.

  2. P.S. if I’m ever there, I’ll make sure and spit on it, or maybe take a bag of dog shit with me and apply appropriately.

  3. As Georgie Porgy Shrub was reputed to have said: A religion of peace, inclusion, and tolerance! Hussien Obama would heartedly agree!

  4. Who Approved this? My God, we got two of those lice infested scarved third century Muslims in the Congress now who hate America, and sharia police parole cars, now this green garbage next to Ground Zero? I hope 3000 New York City gang members attack this monster. Unbelievable

  5. This will be the ONLY thing in NYC that won’t have bills and flyers posted on it for fear of hate crime charges being filed. I hope the LGBTQRSTUV crowd posts their rainbow logo on it 24/7 though.

  6. If an object was ever screaming to be wrapped in bacon…

    If I was ever going to throw acid on anything that would be the thing I would throw acid on.

    Last thought- just another reason I will never visit N.Y.

  7. Where’s the petition to remove this eyesore!
    This is what happened to the Church of Sofia in Constantinople, and Solomon’s temple. Muslims erect victory monuments at the places of their conquest.
    Destroy this abomination!

  8. I got a ’95 Pathfinder with 35″
    tires and air locking diff.s &
    a “BUBBA” rope.I will dam sure give
    it a try with a Rebel Yeeeellllll !!!!
    Pull down my Confederate monuments dam Ya!

  9. I see a litmus test.
    Not long ago, the NYers I knew wouldn’t tolerate this for a New York minute.
    If it lasts a week, stick a fork in Noo Yowk!

    BTW, my 2 cents. The official story of 911 is a lie, and this is another strategem for the perps in our government to deflect blame on sandniggers.

    And Constantinople couldn’t ‘fall’ to asswipe barbarians, it was betrayed by traitorous atheist Byzantine Patriarchs.

  10. How does something so obscene even happen? That thing should instantly be a target for all things pork, then it needs to be removed, hollowed out and sent to a pig ranch as a food trough.

  11. …that IS disgusting, yes, but I seriously don’t know anything that was or can be done to dishonor the memories of that day and our dead, including 343 of my brothers, than that time they elected a Muslim as POTUS a scant 7 years after this Islamic attack…

  12. Okay so how about if I create a new religion that decrees that Muslims are filthy pigs who must be killed or converted. Is okay?

  13. Like, Why?

    Why is it shaped like a piece of candy?
    Why is it green?
    Why was it put next to the WTC?
    Who was the moron who authorized this abomination?
    Why do we have to put up with this while statues of confederate generals are hauled down?


  14. Piece of candy, paid for by the Saudis, signifying that what happened at that location was “SWEET!”.
    T–H—E—M !!!
    Drill more, frack more, do anything and everything we can do to crash the Saudi oil price.
    And as others have said, wrap it in bacon and then yank it down like Lenin’s statue.

    You know that piece of shit mayor whole-heartedly approves..

  15. I think WDS nailed it. This is nothing but SJW bait. Think Clockboy 2.0. They put it right next to the WTC Memorial and are now waiting for someone to ruin it so they can scream racism, bigotry and intolerance for the next two years.

  16. Progs worship at the feet of their Lenin statue in Seattle and work relentlessly to destroy any art that has to do with Christianity. Anyone who does not recognize the pattern here… doesn’t want to.

  17. Simple – erect a cross right next to it, maybe even a crucifix – tear down one, you have to tear down the other
    And where are the Freedom from Religion assholes?

  18. You can bet there are more CCTV and people posing as tourists or the like are around that piece of crap then there are around the Kardashians. It’s bait to catch anybody defacing or damaging it (preferably white males) to further weaken the struggle against Sharia and the establishment of a Caliphate. It’s likely better to simply ignore it while finding the names of the people responsible for creating it and any city officials who approved it’s placement. Then that get published.

  19. ALL of the ‘memorials’ at Ground Zero and Shanksville are an insult, and purposely so. Does anybody else see it the same way as me?

    The two pools resemble two open sewers. But hey, at least they’re not accessible for public bathing, like we saw with the WWII Memorial in DC. WWII IS A good memorial, but it was treated as a wading pool by people who were never taught to have reverence for what it intends to honor.

    The enormous nearby ‘Oculus’ structure reminds me of the dried up rib cage of same animal killed by a pack of wolves. Just horrible. Plus, when you go inside, it’s all white marble, KIND OF LIKE A MAUSOLEUM! Great gag, huh?
    The structure in Shanksville represents a giant crescent. Nice little nod to the ‘RoP’ there.
    This candy statue is just the latest mockery of our national grief and loss from the attacks.

    I’m not just being an a-Hole on the NYC memorials. I’ll admit that when I saw the Vietnam Memorial on TV when it opened, it seemed like the designer avoided making any effort, and just whipped the thing out in five minutes to get paid. However, when I experienced it in person, it moved me to tears. It had to do with descending as you see the names of our fallen soldiers, to a point where it almost surrounds you, then you gradually rise out, while seeing yet more names.

    I can only imagine how much more it would mean to me if I’d had any personal loss or connection with the Vietnam War.

  20. The plaque says it’s polyester resin. That stuff is flammable. Just sayin’. Drive-by, road flare, problem solved.

  21. As well is should be! Oct 01 our President declared that the hijackers were members of the R.o.P and therefore good men! Hijab Laura repeated this “fact” many times from Oct 01 to Nov 08!As another bush would say. “an act of love>”.

  22. As candy taste and sculpture goes, it SUCKS. Nothing more than TWISTED plastique.

    The most offensive is the Allah quote and sword.

    For context, it is on the north side of the new transit hub just east of the former Towers.


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