‘Pokemon Go’ Players Blamed For Damage At Historic Fort

FAIRHAVEN, Mass. (CBS/AP) — A fort destroyed in the Revolutionary War is again fending off attacks — this time from “Pokemon Go” players.

Caretakers of Fort Phoenix in Massachusetts say players of the popular smartphone game are damaging the historic site.

Gary Lavalette, volunteer caretaker at the fort in Fairhaven, near the Rhode Island state line, says people have been leaving trash, vandalizing historic structures and publicly urinating. He told WLNE-TV that a stone wall was taken apart with a crowbar and parts of the property look like a “minefield” because people are digging up the ground.

“This fort was never designed for this type of activity,” Lavalette told the station.  MORE

7 Comments on ‘Pokemon Go’ Players Blamed For Damage At Historic Fort

  1. cfm990,
    a “like” for that idea.
    What I was implying, was that the average citizen and “civil” service worker don’t have, and can’t get, guns to chase off the Pokemon Go idjits.

  2. Gosh. A military fort was not designed to handle… pedestrians??

    BTW, Fairhaven “borders” on RI the same way any other town that is as many as 5-towns away from a state line “borders” on an adjoining state. Makes you wonder if they are also reporting with the same accuracy level what the place really looks like. But why wonder? As I only live 3 towns over, I happened to be there just this past Sunday. It’s as littered same as any other park opened to the public. Perhaps I just happened to miss all the total destruction.

    Want to clean it up? Give the local TEA Party a free license to rally.

  3. The Gunny- I’ve been saying that all along! Anyone find a Pokething in a mosque? A refugee camp? What about the White House lawn? Biden’s bathtub?

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