Poland to stop taking in migrants after Brussels attacks

Times of India:

WARSAW: Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo on Wednesday said Warsaw would not take in its share of migrants under an EU plan because of the jihadist attacks that killed 31 people in Brussels.

Poland is the first EU member to take such a step after Tuesday’s bombings at the Brussels airport and metro, which also left 270 wounded — including three Poles — and were claimed by the Islamic State group.

“After what happened in Brussels yesterday, it’s not possible right now to say that we’re OK with accepting any number of migrants at all,” Szydlo told private television Superstacja.

Her conservative and eurosceptic Law and Justice (PiS) government had earlier been willing to welcome the 7,000 refugees agreed by its liberal predecessors under Ewa Kopacz.

Europe is grappling with its worst migrant crisis since World War II. Last year alone some 1.2 million people flooded into the EU, most of them Syrians fleeing via Turkey and Greece.

“We’re forced above all to ensure the security of our fellow citizens,” Szydlo said, urging Europe against accepting “thousands of migrants who come here only to improve their life conditions.”

Among these migrants “there are also terrorists”.


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  1. Good. It’s past time to grow some balls. I don’t mean the Poles in particular — they’ve had a rather rough existence — but it’s about time someone grew some balls.

  2. yet Obola continues to keep the floodgates open in the US

    … & the repugnicans go right along with him

  3. Okay, is it “migrants” or “refugees”? “Refugees” at least has a temporary sound to it, as if they will return hom when things get better. “Migrants”? Not so much.

  4. My brother Poles and Slovaks will teach the spineless bastards in the rest of Europe a lot. God Bless ‘Em!!!!

  5. I love my half Polish wife. She’s smart. Very smart. And lest we forget, the pol’s were decimated during WW2. Schools, infrastructure, 1/5 of their population, all destroyed. We could learn a thing or two from these people. Will we?

  6. the poles get it. if you cannot assimilate, do not immigrate.

    just finished a great book about the ww2 flyers from poland who aided england. then got the shaft when roosevelt/churchill handed poland over to stalin.

    Kurylenko Flyers, or something like that.

  7. I have worked in Poland on several occasions.
    Wonderful people, beautiful women, & great food.
    Gdansk, Krakow, I would go back in a minute.

    Yes, the police may shake you down for a “donation” but I had a great time there.
    Did I mention beautiful women?

  8. Nobody takes their dates to Polish restaurants in NYC ( talking about local experiences) but those places get better ratings than much fancier Italian/other ethnic places. Go figure.

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