Pole.. er Poll… Who thinks Cory Booker is gay?

I always thought the fictitious T-Bone was a slightly homoerotic amalgam of various fever dreams.

He hangs around with Gayle King.

He volunteered that he groped an unnamed girl, one that was drunk. Very convenient. He could never be held accountable for it (because she most likely doesn’t exist) but gives the illusion of him being interested in girls.

He’s still single.

He’s a drama queen.

Now this.

Not there’s anything wrong with it.

37 Comments on Pole.. er Poll… Who thinks Cory Booker is gay?

  1. I think he is a personal, self satisfaction opportunist that will take whatever he can, and whatever he can get away with.

  2. @ BFH – give me a break. Cory being gay is JUST now an issue?

    Maybe this will cum out in the dem debates…as a superapository.

  3. Cockeyed cabana boy. Pole smoking butt pirate shit stabbing ponce boy loving cock gobbler. Swishy, fruity, penis pudding maven and probably a golden shower toilet pig into leather.

    So yes he’s a ‘mo.

  4. I don’t give a phuck if he’s gay, transgender, homephiliopic, semi-sensually sexic, internally screwed or any other phucked up meaningless POS.
    Just get the hell out of the lime-light when you’re so damn worthless.
    The wife told me to quit commenting when I drink.
    I told her that would really take the fun out of life.

  5. A liberal in his position can bang it all night long. Let the liberal women come out to dispute this…Silence!

  6. He DOES have the ‘aggressive, mean and judgmental’ gay negative stereotype down to a T… You know, the kind were he WOULD shove a woman down a flight of stairs if she pissed him off and he WOULD throw hands at a theater after party if one of the fellow guests enjoyed the play [when he clearly did NOT.]

  7. I know he loves himself some Cory Booker and apparently getting blown in men’s bathrooms. Perhaps he’ll run as the first gay black man to be serviced by an intern in the oval office.

  8. @willysgoatgruff (at 11:16 pm): Ever hear the one about the Greek boy who left home because he didn’t like the way he was being reared?

  9. I don’t believe Booker ever groped a girl. He just made that up to endear himself to the lefties. Just another T-bone type lie. Whether he’s gay or not doesn’t matter to me, but the fact that he’s a crazy idiot, does. He has no business in Government. New Jerseyians should sent him packing.

  10. Mike: Exactly. He’s not gay but the dick in his ass is.

    We had a local black state representative and he setoff the Corey Booker alarm. After stalking these two dudes from a gay nightclub to a gas station, one of them shot him.

    Later, he was convicted of witness tampering in a case for a thug relative.

    Disappeared off the radar for a few months until they found him dead from an overdose at age 37.

    Booker likes himself too much to commit suicide.


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