Police arrest Black Lives Matter activist who allegedly shot bystander

WaEx: Police in Utah arrested a man believed to be responsible for firing a shot at a person driving a car during a Black Lives Matter protest.

Jesse Taggart, 33, was booked on charges of attempted aggravated murder, aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury, threatening the use of a weapon during a fight, criminal mischief, and firing a weapon near a highway. Police say he fired a weapon at a bystander during a Black Lives Matter demonstration, according to KUTV. MORE

18 Comments on Police arrest Black Lives Matter activist who allegedly shot bystander

  1. MJA, I was about to say to lock his no good ass up, but you have a better answer to his actions.

  2. He should be interrogated like an enemy combatant first. He appears to be one of BLMANTIFA’S enforcers. Torture should be employed. Then put his ass in the wood chipper. Feet first of course.

  3. Put him in general population and see how much time he spends kneeling, and it won’t be for the national anthem either.

  4. These turds need some 60’s style police responses. AKA billy clubs upside the head, then drag them by the hair, feet, or whatever appendage is available, to the nearest police van to be hauled off to the nearest court, with a tune-up stop along the way, then be taken out back and THEN put through the wood chipper, feet first.

  5. The top of his head looks like it could use a couple of whacks from a bike lock.

  6. Damn! All these BLM protests, riots, and activists seem to be awfully white. Are they like that Shaun King guy or is it racist to even notice?

  7. The left has gone from a graft machine to a cynical sociopathitic vote machine to full-blown psychotic totalitarianism.

    They are the party of psychotic murdering thugs.

  8. “Taggert, what happened to Your Anus?”

    “Some uppity N***** just raped the sh*t out of Me in the Showers, I’d appreciate

    if You hung Him by His Neck”

  9. Can we agree to launch him out of a circus cannon and have the wood chipper governed down so it’s stutter feeding?

  10. Nah. Try him, convict him, sentence him. Then make him swim to Gitmo. Sharks gotta eat too.

  11. I hope he bunks with the biggest buck kneegrow in prison. His skinny white ass will be the talk of the prison yard. I plan to send him a jar of Vaseline when he gets sent up. Least I could do – Dollar Store brand – I’m cheap.

    P.S. Taggert is a prominent name among the Mormon Church. Also Mormons have a long history of racism in their church. You won’t find many blacks in the Mormon Church.

  12. A lot of these losers are white guys in their early 30s. Tough leaving your 20s and realizing you’re a douche without a future. Maybe a small step like moving out of mom and dad’s basement would help their self-esteem.

  13. White boy be in deeeeep shit! The courts will sentence his ass to a very, very long time in jail to prove that a) they’re tough on BLM (without having to put a black in the slam) and b) that there’s no white privilege in that court. He’s so screwed. When he’s in genpop in prison and getting hammered at both ends by the brothers he’ll then realize his life started to end about grade 10 when the indoctrination began.

  14. Let’s tie his happy ass to a chair and let Big Mike and Hillary proceed with the lap dances.

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