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Police Execute Search Warrant On St. Louis Gun Couple, Confiscate AR-15

Washington Examiner

Police seized the rifle seen in a viral video late last month showing a St. Louis couple waving firearms at protesters marching through their gated neighborhood.

Sources told 5 On Your Side, a local NBC News affiliate, that St. Louis police officers executed a search warrant at the home of Mark and Patricia McCloskey, two personal injury lawyers, on Friday evening. They seized the rifle that Mark McCloskey was seen brandishing and pointing at demonstrators.

“We complied with the search warrant. They took my AR,” Mark McCloskey confirmed to The Todd Starnes Radio Show. “I’m absolutely surprised by this.” More

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  1. If they guy had known better, he would have disassembled the AR and handed over the serialized lower only. That’s the only component that needs to be serialized and purchased through a licensed dealer.

  2. Somebody in Missouri should stop by their mansion with a 80% lower, a finishing kit, drill press, and the rest of the components to build a new AR. Then sit back and let the guy build his own. Then hand him a punch set to mark his own personal serial# = FU-1.

  3. Let’s cut right through the bullshit and get to the point:

    John W. Hayden, Jr. was appointed as the 35th Metropolitan Police – Commissioner of Police on December 28, 2017 by Mayor Lyda Krewson, and is St. Louis’ fourth African-American Commissioner of Police.

  4. Jethro,

    I think that’s a major reason those 80% receivers are becoming so popular.

    Compliance in form without compliance in fact is starting to become a part of peoples proactive thinking.

    And that is probably one of the main reasons certain parties want them banned, registered, or restricted (as they already are in some places). Never hurts to have a little future insurance on hand, even if it is never needed.

  5. Brown Eyed Girl

    This has nothing to do with the racist Chief of Police and everything to do with the racist DA, Kim Gardner who just stomped all over these people’s Constitutional rights. She’s a Soros appointment. Something needs to be done. I’m really pissed at the fat white cops that showed up to confiscate both guns

  6. Brad, you do have a point. The district attorney of any county is the chief law enforcement officer. You cut through the bullshit and arrived at the right answer. I bow to your greatness!

  7. What were the grounds for confiscation? A search warrant allows the police to look, I didn’t think it gave them the right to confiscate legally-owned property.

  8. @ Brad, You knew which side the cops would be on. This was that couples chance to go out in a blaze of glory, but they surrendered their weapons, as I suspect most people will.

  9. Why can’t the AG for the State of Missouri just step on the St Louis AG’s attitude?…..Didn’t the ‘peaceful protesters’ tear down part of a gate to get in?….What about that pesky Constitutional amendment about illegal search and seizure?…..and Bad_Brad is right about the cops…

  10. This should just piss every American off, but it won’t. Again I’m going to keep asking, where are the friggin Republican’s?

  11. What has happened to the Washington Examiner? That article looked like it was from the Washington Post.

  12. The mayor and the DA will make sure the lesson is learned; when the mob comes for YOU, and you try to defend yourself, YOU will be arrested, not the violent mob.

  13. I absolutely despise individuals who use their 1st amendment rights to vilify someone else’s 2nd amendment rights – especially when they’re government officials.

  14. …sure would have been nice if those cops had stopped by while thousands of people were trespassing, destroying private property, and threatening lives of people for racial reasons, just sayin’…

  15. Kim “the Nazi” Gardner needs to be sued up the ass for DESTROYING these people’s civil rights. It’s one of two things that will stop this shit.

  16. This is yet another reason not to live within the city limits of a place where Democrats/liberals control things. Only criminals and desperate people still do.

  17. Cops aren’t good or bad in and of themselves.

    They are tools being used by someone else that has the authority to give them orders.

    The cops should never automatically be considered friends, nor should they automatically be considered enemies, they just do what they are told to do and rarely question it. If you ever have to go after someone over their actions, go after those that set the policies and gave the orders and ignore the cops themselves as much as possible. As I said, they’re someone else’s tools.

  18. Bill

    I did know unfortunately. I’ve been typing for a while now that if you plan on fighting AntifaBLM plan on taking on LE too. It’s fucking crazy.
    Nobody needs to go out in a blaze of glory. But what needs to happen is for us to get organized.
    Glocktobers coming. Best get prepared

  19. In NY you can’t buy an AR like that, only a neutered version with no pistol grip, no flash suppressor, no carry handle. A Ruger 10/22 with aftermarket parts that make it look like a scary ‘assault’ rifle is also illegal.

  20. Not only disarmed but broadcast thru the media nationwide that they are disarmed. If I were them I would skedaddle as the protesters will be emboldened.

  21. Minnesota Republican Tom Esser almost hits the mark, except that he should have urged the president to deny the funding.

    Emmer wrote that if federal money helps pay for cleanup and rebuilding, the government “has an obligation to every American — prior to the release of funding — to fully understand the events which allowed for this level of destruction to occur and ensure it never happens again.”

  22. I remember an incident during the rodney king festivities.
    An angry mob was moving down the sidewalk, shouting and generally carrying on in an unruly manner.
    The commotion quieted as they approached the entrance of a building guarded by several well-dressed, sturdy looking young men armed with stout cudgels.
    The mob gave them a wide berth, and resumed the ruckus when safely past.

    OT? I don’t think so.

  23. Now the douchebags know they’re unarmed, thanks to the Stasi and the ministry of propaganda.
    That’s why it pays to have some spares stashed away, somewhere close by.

  24. Lets be real for a split second.

    Husband & wife had firearms but really did not look like they knew how to use them that well.

    I agree with the couples position 100% and I hope than when all this in done they get awarded some damages for this malicious prosecution while public officials were not doing their jobs.



    The way the wife was holding that pea shooter and the husband was walking around like he was carrying a guitar, the barrels were swinging all over the place. That is why they are going for “brandishing”. Anyone on a pro gun range would have been told to go home for being unsafe.

    If they were holding low, or slung over a shoulder, they could have told the prosecutors to go fuck themselves a bit easier.
    The Lefties are just looking for excuses to screw them.

    Joe Biden @ (comment above not the asshole in the basement)
    If the prosecutor is going after them for brandishing, I am curious, would they go after someone for firing 2 shots in the air for Careless Discharge of a firarm?

    Curious, because up here in the Communist Republic of Canuckistan, you would be charged and prosecuted even if you lived in a farm. It has happened many times in Ontario.

    We have no rights in Canada, but Yours are severely being limited by local & state Governments.

  25. well they never should have brandished their personal weapons like that.

    they should have taken out their assault skate boards and swung them around smacking the protestors in the heads with the metal wheel trucks on the bottom like the protestors all do.

    i demand a ten day waiting period and federal back ground checks for all skate boards.

    assault skate boards kill !!!!!!!

  26. Remember when the enlightened ones “knew” that you dont need an AR-15 for self defense?

    Well, thats why they confiscated the AR-15. Because it just wasn’t needed.

  27. These leftards really are geniuses about firearms, aren’t they?

    They spent all their energies demonizing the AR-15 …. And now they just made an airtight case for it

  28. Why do I have a feeling that tonight is the night those effing douche bags come back to pay them a visit and this time there will be damage?

  29. Kcir

    I’m sorry, living in Canada has given you a giant charlie horse in your mind.
    It’s their Constitutional Right to own those guns and they used them for what they were intended. Hold back an angry mob. It’s nobodies business how they handle a gun on their own property. That was the beauty of this entire episode. Joe and Jane average holding off a mob with a gun. And our Government just pissed all over them and our Constitution.

  30. Up next, cops shot on sight while trying to arrest someone for defending themselves against the Leftist Mob.

    I don’t have a problem with it.

    The ‘rule of law’ is gone.

  31. Jimmy

    Exactly. And they should be warned ahead of time that they will be considered the enemy, stay away or you will be fired on. It’s Bull Shit.

  32. Brad, the idiots characterizing the ‘far right’ Boogaloo movement as ‘a terrorist movement’ are engaging in wishful thinking. Terrorists act sporadically to incite fear. People preparing for Boogaloo know that once the shooting starts, it won’t stop until one side wins. And that’s a lot of dead bodies.

  33. my suggestion?
    get bees. lots of hives.
    Line them up near the entrance, and rig it so you can knock the hives over remotely from the house.
    Insta mob repellant.

    Another suggestion? Scorpions. Keep a nest of them in a contained environment underneath the walkway, and when the crowd gets near enough, open them up and unleash.

    (Stink bombs, skunk spray, and Christian music all would also work on the mob.)

  34. Blatant civil rights violation.

    Send in the DOJ to investigate.

    Who am I kidding. Barr is turning into the biggest limp dick do-nothing since the last one.

    Obama gets these coffee enemaed gotards who spend every moment sabotaging America and we get Rip Van Wrinkles.

  35. Fun Fact: Apparently, Missouri doesn’t have a no-brandishing law. Not that it will matter to the marxist DA. Assuming they actually follow the law, the DA will have to prove to the court that the McCloskey’s were NOT in fear for their lives. Pretty tough bar.


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