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Police find bomb-making materials at home of Dallas shooting suspect

TelegraphUK: Police found bomb-making materials and a weapons cache at the home of Micah Johnson, a Dallas resident suspected of gunning down five officers before dying in a standoff with police.

Johnson, 25, had amassed a personal arsenal at his home in the suburb of Mesquite, including bomb-making materials, bulletproof vests, rifles, ammunition and a journal of combat tactics, authorities said on Friday.

Johnson was a private first class with a specialty in carpentry and masonry. He served in the Army Reserve for six years from 2009 and did one tour in Afghanistan from November 2013 to July 2014, the military said.


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  1. He is AKA Fahed Hassen. Funny how that isn’t being shown in the lame stream news although it’s on the Dallas Police media pages.

    Another irresponsible loser in life looking for someone else to blame.

  2. A PFC (Private First Class for the non-military here) after SIX years? Something ain’t right there.

  3. sometime soon, we will all need to pick up a rifle and fight the common enemy for our collective survival

    in the front lines will be all colors, blm, lgbt he/shes, etc

    the battlefield is the great equalizer, coming soon

    it will sort out good and bad, pussies and heroes

  4. a PFC after six years? Dude must have been a real screw up before the robot bomb erased him. Glad the taxpayers won’t have to deal with the expense of a trial.

  5. From Herb: But I bet his mama is waiting to file a civil suit. “What did you do to my poor boy?”

    Well ma’am, after he shot the shit out of some of us cops for no reason what so ever, we strapped an explosive charge on a robot and blew him into dog food. Your boy was a poor example of a human being. He was filled with hate and misdirected anger. He killed the very people you call when you feel threatened by people like your boy.

    What did you want us to do? Ma’am?

  6. The president and all his minions are complicit. This terrorist is the result of propaganda supported by them all. Not the first and no where near the last.

  7. Hmm, racist shooter wearing a dashiki. Will they be banned like the confederate flag after the Roof shootings? I mean, that dashiki is a symbol of hate, ain’t it?

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