Police Find Piece of Paper in Murder Victim’s Hand That Leads to Arrest

Epoch Tims: A man was arrested in connection to a murder in Tennessee after police found a piece of paper in the victim’s hand containing vital information that led authorities to the suspect, according to reports.

Bryant Ward, 24, has been accused of shooting dead 61-year-old Bryan Hervey early on May 15, reported Fox News. Authorities found Hervey’s body near his home on Linnean Cove at around 2:30 a.m.

According to court documents, prior to the shooting, Hervey was seen running to his front door. The surveillance camera in his doorbell captured him screaming for help while gunshots could be heard in the background, reported the news station. read more

7 Comments on Police Find Piece of Paper in Murder Victim’s Hand That Leads to Arrest

  1. If he gets off, it will be like hillary cLinton getting off with all the evidence against her.

  2. The wrong look was enough for this animal to commit a murder in some suburb. Sounds like he was a burning fuse and sooner or later some trivial thing was going to set him off. “The honkey disrepected me”

  3. When confronted by a neighbor after being caught skulking around some backyard clothesline with women’s underwear hanging the perpetrator reacted to the confrontation by firing several shots into the curious man. When police asked why he killed the man he replied that “he disrespected me”.

  4. “he disrespected me” is the lament of pathetic losers all over the country.

    NO ONE respects you, dude.
    You have to EARN respect (like most other things) but you probably have no idea what the word “earn” means, do you?
    You can’t be handed “respect” like you can an EBT card or a High School Diploma or a Law Degree.

    Well, I guess you’ll learn all about that in prison – those 5 guys who’re gonna gang-rape ya? they don’t “respect” you, either.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Wonder what his rap sheet looks like.

    I’m betting it is lengthy and should have served as a warning long ago when this sort of thing could have been prevented.

  6. Perp kills a Neighborhood Watch guy. This was a Reverse Trayvon!

    I wonder if Obola will say that the perp would be like his son if he had one?


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