Police Obtain Arrest Warrant For Rose McGowan On Drug Charge

DC: Police in Virginia have obtained an arrest warrant for actress Rose McGowan after authorities allegedly found a controlled substance in some of her belongings that she left behind on a United flight at Washington Dulles International Airport in January.



The Associated Press and the Hollywood Reporter wrote about the warrant Monday. McGowan is facing a charge for felony possession of a controlled substance.

Authorities said the items tested positive for narcotics. A warrant was obtained on Feb. 1 by the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police Department.

Police said they’ve tried to get in touch with the 44-year-old actress so that she can appear in court to deal with the charges in Loudoun County, Virginia.  more here

15 Comments on Police Obtain Arrest Warrant For Rose McGowan On Drug Charge

  1. Pro tip: Don’t fly stoned. Stoned people leave their expensive purses behind when they deplane, leaving jewelry and illegal narcotics to be discovered by Airport Security, if the Somali aircraft cleaners don’t steal it all first.

    Somehow this will all be Kevin Spacey’s fault.

  2. So if this is retribution for her accusations against weinstein, then based on the Feb 1 warrant date time travel must be real after all.

  3. She’ll get off. A bag not in her possession for a considerable length of time? Any Klinton or Whinerstein operative could have put something in it, not to mention, any aloha snack bar baggage handler..

  4. If I crossed the border from Canada to the US with a small bottle (30 tablets) of Tylonol 1 and a sniffer dog came near me he’d alert. In Canada a Tylonol 1 had 8mg of codeine per tab and codeine is a product of the opium poppy. I can buy the Tylonol 1 over the counter from the pharmacist legally but if I get caught with it in the states without a prescription I’m in trouble. My only point is it would be nice to find out the drug that was allegedly in her baggage prior to all the hoohaw.

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