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Police Prepare For Summer of Violence

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Police departments across America are reinforcing and developing new tactics in order to prepare for a “violent summer,” according to a WSJ report.

The prediction is partly based on the lifting of COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, although they had little impact in reducing the plague of violence that swept American cities last summer after the death of George Floyd.

Rising gun crimes and a surge in firearms sales are also cited as evidence that the coming months could represent an explosive powder keg. More

22 Comments on Police Prepare For Summer of Violence

  1. Or you could let people defend themselves and just stick to fining people in restaurants FFS.

  2. They are not waiting for summer. Cities that have defunded their police force, reduced it in numbers, or refused to support the blue will certainly see their crime numbers explode, they already have exploded. But GOP run states with cities not run by lunatics but by people that care about about the citizens, it will be business as usual. Gov. DeSantis already said as much, pull this shit in Florida and the hickory stick comes out.

  3. Historians will have NO trouble showing who created, instigated and forcefully pushed the ‘great divide’.

  4. I wonder how much a rooftop Korean charges per hour, and how far out do you have to book them?

  5. A lying leftist retard wrote this:

    “Rising gun crimes and a surge in firearms sales”

    Both exist but by definition they are categorical opposites.

  6. I will hide out in the country sniffing roses and growing cantaloupes.

    Have a nice time. We’ll pick up the pieces later.

    I have no use for your cities.

  7. I’ve got big plans for the cantaloupes, where they grow best on trellises, but the fruit is heavy and need support.
    Trellises with sports bras and big melons are my plan.

    Simply brilliant.

    Do you think Fine Gardening will post my pics?

  8. @PHenry

    I WILL do the same soon. I have some acres. I live in the SHity so that my kids can see & recognize the FILTH.

    Like Jane Goodall studying the Apes & Chimps.
    It works, the can spot a Shit Stains & Scum from far away.

  9. Kcir. Skeedaddle toot sweet.

    Or for you city folk, Getdafuckouttathere.

  10. “Do you think Fine Gardening will post my pics?”

    PHenry, only if you hide the melon’s nipples.

  11. Just left the 81Pct in Bed Stuy Brooklyn. Dropped off video from a homicide last week. This is also the same Pct that the officer works in that got shot 3x last week. Detectives all told me be ready to burn more video and be careful. I am, carry a .45 &.40 extra mag for the 40 and a knife. Doin the videos is part of my employment. About 25 of us retired dudes are doin this

  12. No, but quite seriously. And you know I am a jokester.
    But seriously. If you have the ability to slip into a more rural location I would do it.

    I don’t hear sirens. I hear frogs. I don’t see tattooed thugs. I see deer.

    Get out of the cities and suburbs immediately.

    Just a suggestion.

  13. PHenry

    I hate to burst your bubble but BKMANTIFA trained all winter for “Direct Action”. Meaning they’re leaving their fav hangouts and looking for guys like you. That prediction comes straight from Homely Security. Personally I think they’re going to get their asses shot off, but that is the plan

  14. The drills will consist of the following:

    1. Standing by and doing nothing while stores, homes, and churches get looted and burned by left wing scumbags.

    2. Standing by and doing nothing while roads get blocked and innocent civilians get beaten and killed by left wing scumbags.

    3. Arresting and prosecuting any civilian who successfully defends themselves against left wing scumbags.

    Rank and file cops are cowed. Rank and file military are cowed. Anybody with a decent corporate job is cowed. Corrupt prosecutors, bureaucrats, and HR managers rule the little people now. And they take their orders from the ChiComs.

  15. @brad

    Locked and loaded. If you are on my property I will deal with you. Wife is also trained when I am not here.

    Come and get a belly full of lead.

  16. “Rising gun crimes and a surge in firearms sales are also cited as evidence that the coming months could represent an explosive powder keg.”

    The rising gun crimes are the reason for the surge in firearms sales, the rise in firearms sales is in no way the reason for the rise in gun crimes.

    The people legally buying guns know what is going on and are trying to prepare to protect themselves and their families, they are not going out and instigating violence.

    This isn’t that hard to figure out.

  17. Just saying my friends, (special shout out to Claudia)
    If it gets ugly, I will do all I can do to help.

    As Brad can probably attest to some of us are are more prepared than others. Or as I have always said, ” If a meteor hits my house the secondary’s will be awesome. “

  18. Glad I live where I am and not back across the Columbia from Portland. The biggest city I go to is 20,000 or so people. My town has under 500 I think.

  19. Areas of Tampa would fare okay in a catastrophe, others would be ashes inside of three days. I live within sight of the base so I know which area I’d be in. I don’t have much but what I got is effective and I know where to aim. Just leave me and mine alone.

  20. Perhaps TPTB are worried that patriotic Americans are fed up with these Marxists being allowed to overthrow our Country and start fighting back. The “violence” would explode, but it would be righteous. If not now, when?

  21. grool MAY 18, 2021 AT 8:28 PM
    “A lying leftist retard wrote this:

    “Rising gun crimes and a surge in firearms sales””
    What exactly is a gun crime, mine just must be stupid. None of my firearms are capable of any action without outside interference.

    Both exist but by definition they are categorical opposites.

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