Police seek volunteers to ‘drink hard liquor to the point of inebriation’

WSB– KUTZTOWN, Pa. – A Pennsylvania police department’s request for volunteers to get drunk for law and order purposes generated a predictably enthusiastic response.

The Kutztown Police Department sought three volunteers to drink hard liquor to the point of “inebriation,” so officers could be trained how to administer field sobriety tests during traffic stops.

The post said alcohol would be provided, but the participants wouldn’t receive any additional compensation.

A call for volunteers posted on Facebook accumulated hundreds of responses and more than 1,200 shares in less than a day.

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9 Comments on Police seek volunteers to ‘drink hard liquor to the point of inebriation’

  1. Guess they need the practice since most of the Kutztown Police Department are drunks.
    Unique alternate description for Kutz!

  2. My youngest son did this for my oldest son’s training. They asked for volunteers to drink under supervision and at different levels the candidates performed DUI tests on him.

    They had fun with it and then ate pizza afterwards.

  3. I remember back in the 70’s the CHP made an official training film on how to recognize a drunk driver. The drunk was played by an active duty officer with NO alcohol but years of experience of dealing with drunks. I was talking to him about his role in the film and he told me that not long after the the CHP put the film into distribution, he was on vacation taking his family to Disneyland. While traveling down SR-99 from the Sacramento area in the morning he was passed by a CHP patrol car and the officer “eyeballed” him as he passed. The Patrol Officer got off at the next ramp and then got back on to “tail” his car. With his wife and kids asleep in the car the patrol officer lit him up and pulled him over. When the officer approached the vehicle he saw the badge and ID on the dash driver with his hands on the wheel and window down. He asked why he was stopped, and the officer said possible DUI, which the driver said…you just say the training film didn’t you? And now you want my AUTOGRAPH!


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