President Obama took a moment when he was attending a NATO summit in Poland to address the execution of five officers in Dallas at a Black Lives Matter protest. He said the officers in Dallas who were killed were “targeted” and added, “We are horrified over these events.” He also called the attacks “vicious” and “calculated” but took the opportunity to say that the issue of “these types of weapons” will be considered in the [near] future.

News outlets reporting that a Dallas police detective has confirmed that the shooting suspect in the El Centro College building is “dead.” Two “suspicious devices” have been found.

Grabien has footage of the officer down–> Click into postScreen Shot 2016-07-07 at 11.35.06 PM

ABC NEWS: 10 officers shot during protest; 3 are dead, 2 in surgery, 3 in critical condition, Dallas police confirm


Eyewitness says that the cop was shot from behind with a rifle.

Regated: We’ve now been informed that two officers have been shot at the Dallas Black Lives Matter protest tonight at 10:00 PM EST. Dallas Police said that there was a shooter with a rifle. Police appear to be focused on a parking garage which may be the location of a possible suspect.

Fox News showed live footage of multiple officers looking as if they were laying on the ground.

Fox News says that a cop just told them that two police officers have been shot. Police scanners are saying that they may think possible a sniper is up in the second floor of a building or garage building.

Sniper rifles are hanging out of a window, a suspect is possibly pinned down according to the police scanner. According to the police scanner, dialogue established with a suspect.  more

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  1. I see Twitter had H1B visa holders write their video player. They’re so incompetent, they have no clue how incompetent they are.

  2. the racial divider and chief has been fanning the flames of hatred and romanticizing lawless thugs like Occupy Wall Street and BLM and now he is indignant that mob-o-crats are murdering police int the streets!?! Obama’s chickens!…. Have come to roots.

  3. Ten-Ten. Yep, but they’ll need to use martial law to get it done before the election. That’s what this is all about.

  4. “BLM has crossed the line from movement into the same territory the Black Panthers did, and should be dealt with accordingly.”

    Let’s cut to the chase, George Soros just paid for the murder of at least 3 LEO. We need a bounty on that old fucks head.

  5. Unfortunately this should take some heat off helliar a Comey. Serious squirrels now. Hope this isn’t the start of the coming Martial Law.

  6. Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

  7. It’s Texas. Blacks in the area will now be alive only by the good graces and restraint of the lawfully carrying white citizens. Tread lightly, blacks, tread lightly. The time of patience is done. The fuse is lit, and you can thank the #BLM assholes for lighting it.

  8. Something just isn’t sitting right with me.. this whole thing had to be orchestrated by someone with an agenda, they had snipers armed with the rifle of choice for the anti-gun crowd – AR-15’s. normal protesters shoot at street level, with crappy used police Glocks held sideways, because that’s how it came outta the box.. Now, I’m not talking conspiracy gibberish. this incident looks “staged” to me.

  9. http://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/Protests-in-Dallas-Over-Alton-Sterling-Death-385784431.html

    The link above has a live stream and story.

    “Four officers are dead, including three Dallas police officers and one DART transit officer, after two snipers opened fire on police at the end of a protest against nationwide officer-involved shootings, officials say.

    At least eight other Dallas police officers were hit, including three that are in critical condition; three additional DART officers suffered injuries that were not life threatening in the shooting.”

  10. @Ricky, planned, organized,carried out – the whoe thing reminds me of recent Islamofascist slaughters. Either they have taken a lesson from Moslems or they profess to the religion of peace.

    Praying for all law enforcement and their families.

  11. @Diogenes, I thought it was bad when Black Panthers fire bombed our public library when I was a teen. This is a different level of evil

  12. just got word that a 4th officer has passed away.. also from the Dallas Police facebook page: Tonight it appears that two snipers shot ten police officers from elevated positions during the protest/rally

  13. I am Fucking More Than Shocked Dallas LEO didn’t have their own snipers in place. Shocked. Chuck Nortis would have. That’s no joke actually.

  14. Looks to be a long hot summer. I’m no longer going to be carrying my 5 shot S&W snubby when I go out. I’ll be carrying my XDm which holds 19+1 in an inside the waistband holster and I’ll carry two extra mags. I figure white people in general are going to be in for it.

  15. Gee, I wonder how Obama will turn this into some white privilege bullshit. As for shooting from the ground, geezuz there are so many military trained, battle hardened ex soldiers out there is it that hard to believe that some of the black soldiers have turned against their country, it’s happened with muslims. To the police that died, RIP, to their families my condolences to wounded recover soon as you’ll be needed and to the BLM group, burn in hell.

  16. As hard as it is for me to say this, as of today most black lives don’t matter to me. The black leaders in our country have aligned themselves with the most radical and racist groups of people; this will not end well for anyone. Pray for the families of the murdered police officers.

  17. What we are seeing is the result of Federal policies designed to undermine law and order. Obama is fomenting lawlessness and mob mentality, basically attempting to incite a riot on a national level. The Feds have been preparing for large scale civil unrest, just itching for the opportunity to “rescue us” from the chaos that they have created. Have no doubt that Obama and his Democrat co-conspirators are salivating over this. God help us! Raise up true patriots to put a stop to this madness!

  18. Mr. Mxyzptlk, Comp shooters like you rule the day. Carry on. Me, Dan Wesson Bob Tail, or Sig 226. My body let’s me carry BIG. So I do.

  19. It does surprised me that they werent better prepared. I mean, it is Texas. You were right about that Chuck Norris statement.

  20. Loco, i read it fine so i down voted you to see if it would change to chinese, but it didnt.

  21. I’d be checking out The Revolutionary Communist Party, USA.
    REVCOM.US. They’ve had their hands in racial upheaval since Ferguson and beyond Bob Avakian and Carl Dix should be well known to our Intelligence people.. Should be!
    They have a Manifesto and they make no bones about total revolution, they are well protected by our Constitution, of course.

  22. this is sickening. Its heartbreaking. To think our country has come to this. Its sad. We need a leader, Trump, not this asshole we have now or that demon woman.

  23. Loco, WTF are you typing about? You haven’t turned Chinese yet? Bad Takilla? I could tip you over the edge if you want me to. LOL, bragging rights. I got a couple Fags wishing they could get me there. Stand up Muther Fuckers. I hate pussies.

  24. Two in custody? Good. I hope the Dallas PD has no objection to waterboarding. We need to find out a lot about these motherfuckers and who’s banking them. To save American lives.

  25. Brian Williams just said on ABC it was Automatic Fire. Deep breath. What an fing idiot. Those weapons probably had Cali full auto bullet buttons. Big part of the problem.

  26. Hard to comment on something like this. Now I will worry more about the cops in my family. I hope we all will have a more heightened situational awareness, especially those of you who live or work in the big cities. And I pray that the Good Lord will watch over and protect all of us, law enforcement officers and citizens alike who have good in their hearts. And curse those who have evil in theirs.

  27. I take that back. “WE” don’t need to know anything. Just Rule 303, Hunt them, Find them, Shoot them. Breaker Morant.

  28. @Bad_B, problem is people like Williams will call double and triple taps as ‘automatic fire’.

    Based on the PD’s reporting it was tap, tap, pause then tap, tap, pause
    Sounds more like double taps to me.

  29. ABC, now three Ballerinas report automatic gun fire. How the fuck would the know? I heard it. Some type of Semi Auto modular gun. SEMI AUTO.

  30. Dear Policemen and Policewomen

    This is it. You are no longer obligated by God or conscience to uphold the law in the black community–unless you are black. It is your duty now to ignore and literally turn your back on these people as much as possible and as often as possible. The race war has escalated to the level where it is pertinent that the African-American race in America eradicate itself through self-destruction, thus saving the lives of others and saving monetary as well as other resources. “Let them kill each other” is no longer just wishful thinking but a goal.

  31. POLICE: “Suspected snipers in custody after four officers killed, seven more shot.” FOX 1.15 am.

  32. I now carry a Glock 30S at all times…. very hard to see that i have it. At the hospitals I work in the libtard sheeples wouldn’t just clutch their pearls but would literally shit themselves if they saw it. I also have a modified Remington Versa Max shotgun in the front of my car… difficult to see unless ur in the car… (I don’t car pool) Now my free time is divided between the gym and the firing range…. if 20 years ago you would have told me I would be armed and thought like this, I would have thought u were either crazy or huffing too much glue….

  33. time for the moral upstanding black folks to stand up. SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING DO SOMETHING. Dont just sit there. Wipe this slime from the planet.

  34. I am so heartsick and furious. It feels like something is crushing my chest; hope it isn’t a heart attack because I have tomorrow planned now. Shopping at the gun store, stock up and head to the range. Those poor officers and their families.

    God help us…

  35. This sumner is going as planned by the Obama administration. He’s working on the Martial law scenario to get a third term, maybe pResident for life. Hellary may be in for a surprise. God help us – it’s the only way Trump will get the presidency. Keep your powder dry, people.

  36. Been up with this story since the beginning (on vacation this week so don’t have to get up early).

    Interesting to think that it was the deaths of those two black men that got protesters into the streets this week. If I had the energy for such things I would have been rioting two days earlier–over the Hillary decision.

    God bless and keep the good peopLe of Dallas. The bad people, I don’t GAFF about.

  37. Does anyone know how long the protest had been going on before the shootings started?
    It had to take some time and planning to get shooters in position.
    If the shooting started shortly after the protest started, it would indicate some coordination or at least foreknowledge.

  38. As we already know, the more likely Mohammedans and/or BLM did it, the less word on motive will be reported.

  39. This happened under obamas watch it’s his responsibility.
    Who ever thought someone would shoot LEO. We are a banana republic

  40. @Go Trump – I agree it is Obama’s responsibility…. he is responsible for it.
    I pretty sure it has this administration’s support.
    And with 6 months to go this Communist-Organizing Radical Marxist Muzlim Mallard ain’t done yet!

  41. The left has always wanted a race war and they’re doing all they can to make it happen. The police should resign and citizens should arm themselves and fight back. They may not be too happy with their wish coming true.

  42. Black Power Studies ‘Professors’ and other actors from TheCommunity, have been using the phrase, “tone of the campaign,” to blame this on Trump. The blame lies at the pointed shoes of one Barack Hussein Obama.

  43. Are the snipers by any chance Muslims from Africa or the Middle East? Any connection with Islamic terorism here?

  44. King assh0le said it’s not a black problem.

    The hell it isn’t.

    It’s a sickening black problem. All their problems come out against whitey no matter what. black on black crime = whiteys fault, white on black = whiteys fault, black on white = whiteys fault.

    As for BLM to be declared a terrorist organization – it won’t happen because they will never be organized. It’s mob mentality chaos. The monkeys escaped the zoo.

    The stupid black morons were yelling hands up don’t shoot as they get fired on – There’s your organization.

  45. This one is for those who love guns like me..
    Growing up in the South.. It makes me wonder if I’m going to be selling more rope than usual today at work?
    Remember kids, when you go to hang Tyrone or Leroy..if they weigh over 300 pounds.. their head will come off.
    Usually, six to eight loops are normal when using natural ropes.
    A real hangman’s knot (noose) has at least 13 coils in it, which makes it more difficult to escape from, Why 13 coils you ask ?!? Because the number 13 is unlucky and it also scares the shit out of the person your going to hang.. once around the neck, make sure the knot goes over the left shoulder..It assists in separating the 3 and 4th vertebra which snaps the spinal cord.. one more addendum: To be more politically correct the term “Big Oak Tree” has been replaced with “The Learning Tree”. Hope this helps – The more you know –

  46. So now the carbine goes in the truck and the truck pistol goes inside the waist band when I can. I cannot always carry but I’m always close. Sometimes my job has me somewhere where I’m the only white guy in sight.

    Tip for Texans: You can have your rifle ready to rumble while you drive, but rifles ready-to-go cannot be hidden from view while driving. The law allows for only open carry of them in public, so behind the seat may get you in trouble while mounted in your rear window, your vehicles ceiling, your dashboard or even just laying there in plain view on the passenger side, is lawful.

    Not just for self defense but for society in general. It may be an officer’s life you save. Who would I be to not be prepared after something like this? A sheep?

    Thanks Obama. You’ve done such a smashing job at race relations.

  47. @ Geoff – Because that’s where Melex Golf Carts are made.. even though Poland doesn’t have any Golf Courses.. ( Not Kidding! )

  48. It is crimes like this that “due process” tries men’s souls.
    Three suspects in custody but they are not cooperating. They have been Mirandized and are lawyered up.
    Now we can only hope that our lawyers are better than their lawyers.
    Other than that we can only pray for our police officers in Dallas and throughout the Country. This is not over. God Help America.

  49. BLM is now a terrorist operation.
    FUCK 0bama.
    This is his fault when he victimized these bastards.

  50. Black cops need to stop the black thugs. White and other cops need to support the black cops. Black ‘communities’ need to support them both.

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