Police Union Endorses Trump for 2020 Re-Election

Epoch Times:

A police union that represents more than 100,000 officers has announced it will be endorsing President Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign, according to a press release (pdf).

The International Union of Police Associations’ (IUPA) President Sam A. Cabral said on Sept. 9 that it was backing the president’s re-election, saying that Trump had “done more for Law Enforcement in the past two and a half years than was accomplished in the eight years that preceded his election.”

Cabral said Trump had made the community safer for police officers and civilians by signing an order to provide law enforcement agencies with military equipment, directing the Attorney General to prosecute offenders who attack law enforcement, providing funding to help employ more law enforcement officers, improving police access to mental health services, and resuming federal capital punishment.

“Every top Democrat currently running for this office has vilified the police and made criminals out to be victims,” Cabral said in the statement. “They seem to take any union’s support for granted. Many of them still refer to the tragedy in Ferguson as a murder, despite the conclusions of every investigative inquiry to the contrary. While his candor ruffles the feathers of the left, I find it honest and refreshing. He stands with America’s Law Enforcement Officer and we will continue to stand with him.” read more

6 Comments on Police Union Endorses Trump for 2020 Re-Election

  1. That’s a conundrum. But I support the Police. And I loathe Unions. But in the end, as my dear friend Jessup did say, “I support Righteous Police Men.”

  2. Didn’t some moron say, a few weeks ago, that I was OK with slavery?

    No, you mouthbreathing fuck. You called for all the cops to be shot. It’s on record. You can’t deny it. You are lower than whale shit. Uncle Fucktard, or whatever you call yourself, I go on record as saying you are a worthless piece of shit.

  3. It’s about damn time.

    Why a para-military force would give their support and vote to the very people that fight and trash them every day is beyond understanding.

    I get that the democrats money-launder back to them after elections, but you can’t sell your soul for cash.


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