Political Activists Celebrate Independence Day At ‘We Back Blue’ Rally

OAN: As demonstrators continue to protest police brutality and racism, some Americans have gotten fed up with the treatment of police officers. One America’s Emily Finn spoke with Tim Fazenbaker, a Republican political activist who attended a “We Back Blue” rally in Maryland.

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  1. We were driving home from my dad’s and from a great weekend and we were approaching a pickup here in NJ on the GSP that was sporting a big red and blue and alongside that big flag they also had a blue-striped flag. As we saw the truck my my wife was asking why are you honking? Along with everybody else? I just said, we are honking for the police, the fallen, and the military!

    Wow! that guy must have had a wonderful ride!

  2. Blue line flag is a gang symbol. Blue line flag is a disrespectful bastardization of the Flag of the United States of America

  3. My sarcasm tag? Ok.

    The police will always strive to protect your constitutional rights. /s

    The police will issue you summons for minor traffic violations because they are concerned with public safety. /s

    Police don’t mind when you refuse to lick their boots. It’s just a job, after all. /s

  4. flip- Your experience may vary.
    The only place I know that cops were ‘dicks’ was Burbank, CA.
    They stepped up the ticketing there because the studios didn’t want the unclean in the area. lol.
    Take cops on a case by case basis just like you do with non-uniformed people. Same goes for military. Overall, I’m glad both exist.
    But then you get incredible assholes like Chauvin, McCain, and other dipshits with it.
    None are perfect, but overall, the assholes are few.


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