Politico Confirms What We Already Knew, Joe Biden Lied About Being Involved In His Son’s Shady Business Deals


Citing a new book on the Bidens by one of its staffers, Ben Schreckinger, Politico conceded that Schreckinger “finds evidence that some of the purported Hunter Biden laptop material is genuine, including two emails at the center of last October’s controversy.”

In October Bobulinksi maintained that he had been brought in to help broker a deal with Hunter’s firm and a Chinese energy company linked to that nation’s communist government. Bobulinski said that it was made clear to him that 10 percent of the company’s equity was to be set aside for “the big guy,” Joe Biden.

As The Wall Street Journal noted at the time, the deal itself was not a problem because Joe Biden was a private citizen. Rather, it was a question of character – an interesting one given that Joe Biden has a long history of stretching the truth.

In an editorial, the Journal pointed out that Biden “is asking voters to elect him on the strength of his character, honesty, and judgment.” Yet Bobulinki’s credible claims “make clear that Mr. Biden hasn’t been honest about his knowledge of his son’s business affairs.”

“The pre-election joint censorship campaign by the media, Big Tech & CIA was always a gigantic story,” he tweeted. “The CIA spun an outright lie about these docs that helped these platforms censor the docs while *journalists* cheered that. In light of this new book, it’s time to revisit it.”

Greenwald is correct. Schreckinger’s book surely makes it time for those on the left, if they can summon the humility and intellectual honesty, to admit the nation is owed the full truth of President Biden’s dealings with these foreign interests. 


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  1. His presser with Boris Johnston was a total disaster today.
    Boris answered 3 questions while Biden’s staff rushed out reporters suddenly.
    There must be a sign or a code word that lets staff know he is about to have an episode or pass out.

  2. Gee, welcome to the party Politico.
    The emails appear real?
    Are you disputing the pedophile and drug addled photos and videos are real?
    The real question Politico should be asking is why the FBI is ignoring it.

  3. ^^^ “RICO the Biden Crime Family”
    RICO the pelosi syndicate, too- that is multigenerational, and it started in Maryland

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