Politico: Trump Primary Turnout Bad News for Dems

Newsmax: Look out Democratic presidential hopefuls, President Donald Trump’s crowd sizes and primary voter turnout – in an uncontested GOP race – are a huge “warning sign,” Politico reported Sunday.

“Impeachment has lit a fire under the Trump base — and I anticipate it will burn until Election Day in November,” ex-Sen. Norm Coleman, R-Minn., chairman of the pro-Trump Republican Jewish Coalition, told Politico. “Voter intensity is a key element in electoral success.”

Trump’s turnouts in Iowa and New Hampshire smashed his predecessors, including earning 129,696 votes in the New Hampshire primary, more than doubling the re-election years of former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush, according to the report.

“There is a personal vote for Donald Trump that is unshakable,” pollster John Couvillon told Politico. “Republican voters are willing to go out.” more here

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  1. He had the gall to remove the velvet paintings we hung in the White house too. We left as a gift to give it some class.

  2. @Moochie:

    Are those the ones with tigers, naked black women with weird-looking tits, and a 40 of malt liquor?

  3. Hey Dems! Each of those people showing up for Trump when they don’t have to are very purposefully giving you the finger.


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