Politifact Caught Lying Again


To anyone who ever doubted that Politifact was a left-wing blog acting under the guise of being an independent fact checker, look no further on their latest attempt at gas-lighting American voters.

In the past I’ve argued that Politifact is at least clever with their bias, often choosing to simply fact check more Republican or conservative statements than liberal ones to give the impression that those on the right are making falsehoods more often. Of course, there have been times when they’ve slipped up, fact-checking nearly identical claims from Republicans and Democrats and rating the former false, and latter true.

In the latest case, you’d have to doubt your own senses to believe Politifact, who says it’s “mostly false” that Democrat presidential candidates want to give illegal immigrants free healthcare.

6 Comments on Politifact Caught Lying Again

  1. If facts mattered we wouldn’t be in the straights we are in. It’s simple: a lie repeated often enough eventually becomes the truth in the minds of the ignorant. And especially if the read it on the internet.

    Remember, we are in the age when men have periods. How much farther down can we go??


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