Politifact- Yes, The Left Has Inflated Hurricane Maria Death Tolls in Order To Damage Trump

Fact check: is Trump right about Puerto Rico over-inflated numbers?


Trump is correct.

His opponents — including the media — have strained for more than a year to turn Hurricane Maria into his version of Hurricane Katrina the devastating 2005 storm that prompted criticism of President George W. Bush’s response — even though state and local authorities had been far worse — and foreshadowed a Democratic takeover of Congress in 2006.

Leading the charge was CNN which made a special effort to link Hurricane Maria in 2017 to Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and made a temporary media sensation of San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz who accused the Trump administration of neglect.

However the media’s effort at the time was frustrated by several factors. First experts praised the federal government’s response to Hurricane Maria which posed special challenges because Puerto Rico is so far from the mainland U.S.

Second Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló himself praised the federal government’s response: ““The president and the administration every time we’ve asked them to execute they’ve executed quickly ” he told Fox News in September 2017.

Third Puerto Rico was already something of a disaster before the hurricane hit thanks to mismanagement by the territory’s government that led to a debt crisis in recent years. (Mayor Cruz herself is reportedly under FBI investigation for corruption.)

However Trump’s critics did not give up. Over the past several months they have attempted to cite several new studies that created new estimates of the “real” death toll of Hurricane Maria — based on statistical models not on actual death counts.


12 Comments on Politifact- Yes, The Left Has Inflated Hurricane Maria Death Tolls in Order To Damage Trump

  1. Thing is…Trump doesn’t lie like those stinking politicians. So I did not need a rebuttal. Because Trump told the truth…AGAIN!

  2. It’s simply amazing how many times DJT gets mocked for his Tweets and -boom- he was right all along.

    I envy how he manages to keep winning at Wack-A-Holes. 🙂

  3. I don’t care if he llied;
    he’s such a GREAT negotiator,
    he got Florence down
    from a Cat 4 to a Cat 1 when it hit!

  4. @Meerkat: “Trump told the truth…AGAIN!”

    “You saw what happened last night in Sweden…”

    “Obama wiretapped me…”

    “Hillary got millions of illegal votes…”

    “NATO is obsolete…”

    Don’t doubt him, media.

  5. Maybe if the corrupt democrat elected officials didn’t put so much of taxpayer money in their and their cronies pockets PR would have had a functioning electrical grid, functioning infrastructure and could have handed out those million water bottles still sitting at the airport.

    Sick of the lying, thieving, selfish left stealing and then getting media cover when they attack those who actually did their jobs.

  6. Speaking of Hurricanes, or tropical storms as it’s being called now, remember this. NC has a Democrat Governor and SC has a Republican Governor. Can’t wait to see the bias in reporting on who did a good or bad job with it.

  7. Hurricane Katrina never would have become anybody’s “Katrina” if the alternate media had been in place in 2005.

    What the media hid in order to make this a case of “Incompetence” is that Katrina was a Cat 3 hurricane headed for Texas when it passed over the warmest part of a current of warm water that was hundreds of feet deep, known as the Loop Current. This caused Katrina to explode in strength and to make the most surprising and catastrophic turns in the history of Atlantic hurricanes — 90 degrees straight at New Orleans

    I remember this in real time: Saturday morning — no big deal. Come back in mid afternoon, the talking heads acted as if the extinction meteor was coming. A mere 36 hours later, Katrina struck. So where is the incompetence? What’s the standard of competence for reacting to a major city being inundated with 36 hour notice. Actually you have maybe 24 hours to get something organized — because you cant land planes when winds are blowing at 100 miles an hour. And you cant do much for days after impact because, you know, a major hurricane just hit

    So how was incompetence proven? When the Sacred Welfare Negro started complaining about “incompetence” and racism because the government wasn’t instantly making him/her whole again; and hey, do you even care that these people are dying of thirst, Racist? And dont even bring up the fact that they should have filled up some plastic quart bottles with water before Katrina hit so they would have some water. What are you, a Bush apologist?


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