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PolitOpinion POLL – SNOWMAGEDDON! Whose Fault?


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25 Comments on PolitOpinion POLL – SNOWMAGEDDON! Whose Fault?

  1. This Snowmageddon is proof that the media wants to make a dent in the economy and then blame it on Trump.

  2. stopped by trader joe’s (NH)late last nite. looked like Sherman’s march thru Georgia, empty ahelvea, etc. was forced to buy some choc chip cookies cuz my fave cupcakes were all gone. tradgedy was averted cuz they are the BEST cc cookies I’ve ever had.

    PS the fault lies in chemtrails…skies look like pilots are playing tic tac toe

  3. Weather Channel was not an option, nor was NWS and NOAA.

    Weather: the only job where you can be wrong 80% of the time and still get a paycheck.

  4. PS – they can’t accurately predict the track of a winter storm over the course of four days, and they want me to believe their word on global climate change? They can go pound snow.

  5. Some fool on the weather channel said believed they were “scientists”. As an air traffic controller, I worked closely with these guys for years. We referred to them as “whether guessers”, they were wrong more often than they were right! Not much has changed.

  6. The Russians have had a weather machine since … at least … the mid-80s … and I guess that Trump and Putin got their heads together (seein as President Trump had more flexibility after the election) and made the snow show.

    Wait … that wasn’t President Trump … that was … oh … nuthin here … just a random weather event … move on …

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Weathorists. Every single one of them.
    Like that California milk commercial where the cows stampede yelling “Cloud!”

  8. @Hans:

    Gots to be the Russians but Bill Clinton’s in the woodpile somewhere.
    P. S. Avoid the yellow snow!

    …and with Slick Willie around be sure to avoid the sticky snow.

  9. @Richard P: Watch news interviews of disaster survivors.

    God gets all the credit for saving lives, never any of the blame for causing the disaster in the first place.

    Is it any wonder He’s hung on to the job for so long?


    BEFORE it hits the East Coast…WHO CARES?!?
    ONCE it hits the East Coast… EVERYONE PANIC!!!

  11. When I was on the faculty at Keene State College I had a colleague who was an economist who used to day that God created weathermen to make economists look good!

  12. That was no Snowpocalypse. We had our last Snowpocalypse in this area of NE wash. state and N. Idaho about 8 or 9 Winters ago the week before Christmas when we got 3 and a half to 4 ft. of snow in 36 hrs. That’s a Snowpocalypse, the so called Winter storm they just got in the NE was a weenie storm by comparison. And don’t even get me started on the Winter of 68/69 when we had 6 or more feet of snow on the ground into April and a month of below zero temps in Jan. of 69. THAT WAS A SNOWPOCALYPSE!

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