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37 Comments on PolitOpinion POLL – Who WON the 2016 VICE PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE? CLICK HERE FIRST then…

  1. Pence was a gentleman, but seemed to think he was at a Kiwanis meeting.

    Kaine is a despicable rude lying shameless asshole, but he DOMINATED the debate.

    I had to leave the room. I couldn’t listen to any more.

  2. I didn’t watch, but it sounds like Kaine was a bigger jerk than Biden, and Pence got rolled worse than Ryan. Is that about right?

  3. Mike Pence comes out mature, respecting debate rules, and much stronger candidate. Tim kaine talks like a highschool student jumping at every word of Pence. He sure would be a disaster if Hillary loose her health half way of her presidency.

  4. Based on the portion of the debate I watched, I’ve determined that Kaine probably played catcher on his high school and college Drama teams.

  5. Pence has that (to me) irritating ernest-ness that he works too much. It’s not that I think he is inauthentic, but it highlights what I seem to like most about Trump. It’s the kind of ‘dialect’ that just seems to be part of campaigning and being a politician, like the way all airline pilots and newsreaders have their own way of speaking.

  6. CBS won by rigging another debate for the progs and statists.

    The American people lost because their politics is tainted with bullshit (once again).

  7. Kaine pulled of the impossible tonite. I didn’t think any living (or dead) thing could come off more unlikeable than Hillary Clinton.

  8. Wikileaks just tweeted that they are giving the win to Pence.

    CNN is saying voters are “undecided” about who won. Good Grief.

  9. Abagail A. Thank you for your opinion of Mike Pence. What did you think of the polite gentleman, Tim Kaine. Just curious.

  10. “CNN is saying voters are “undecided” about who won. Good Grief.”

    If the Clinton News Network is confused that means they are imploding.

  11. i watched on c-span, so as not to be interrupted by talking heads…

    i’m the politics addict in the family – i knew pence and kaine from the wayback…

    the ole hubby wanted to watch, because he didn’t really know who Pence was or who Kaine was ….it took him 20 minutes to decide the “moderator” was on kaine’s side…..for some reason, any time Pence was talking, she let timmeh talk over him and interrupt him at will…..but never allowed Pence to interrupt kaine….


    Pence won this debate…..kaine showed himself to be s scary clown, and, if i had a non-traceable phone, i would have called 911 on him…..

    also, i would like to mention that i have never ever ever heard of whoever this silly female is, who was put in charge of moderating something that is supposed to be an important debate during out presidential race…….

    she did a wonderful job of protecting the democrat, which was no doubt her job…….

    it’s time to find a new way of doing these debates…..we’re tired of democrat “moderators’…..

  12. pence was more vice presidential than kaine, and a lot more polite in the debate, keeping his cool. he and trump will get my undecided vote.

  13. Something is very wrong here. Your poll is the only one of more than 20 that I have seen which shows Kaine having come out on top. ALL of the other polls show Pence winning in landslide fashion, e.g. 75% to 25% or thereabouts. Maybe you are attracting a much different person voting than those who actually watched the debate this evening…?

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