Poll: 48 Percent in Paul Ryan’s District Would Vote for a Replacement


A poll released Thursday finds 48 percent of voters in Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan’s Wisconsin district want someone new to take his seat.

The poll, conducted by progressive firm Public Policy Polling on behalf of a liberal group opposed to the Speaker, also found that 51 percent disapprove of Ryan’s job performance, while 43 percent approve.

Asked if “If the election for Congress were held today, would you vote to re-elect Republican Paul Ryan, or do you think it’s time for someone new,” 46 percent said they would re-elect Ryan, but 48 percent said it’s time to elect a new representative. more here

10 Comments on Poll: 48 Percent in Paul Ryan’s District Would Vote for a Replacement

  1. He just one re election and it was crystal clear exactly what he was when he ran. And he won by an overwhelming margin.

    The story is BS. Sure the Democrats in the story don’t want him, they didn’t want him then and the Republicans that didn’t vote for him then still won’t and he still has only 48% who say they would not vote for him in that bs survey

  2. Well his district had a chance to elect a business man last year that had a lot of outside support and endorsements and he failed to even come close.

  3. Outside money needs to get rid of public enemy number one: McCain. Then do something about this guy. Personally, I think team Clinton or Obama is blackmailing him. He used to be a good egg.

  4. Ryan’s reelection win % was so lopsided I thought I was reading election results from Venezuela.

    Time for Ryan to be removed. Like Comey, he had his chance and failed.

  5. Public Policy Polling is a hack firm. Fake news.
    I hate Paul Ryan but this Poll is BS.

  6. Yeah…yeah…and THIS time,
    Lucy really WILL let Charlie Brown kick the football!

    (and not the Anderson Cooper kind)

  7. Paul Ryan may have once been a principled conservative, but he’s “grown” in office. Marrying Democrat wealth may have had something to do with it.

  8. I no longer give a pass to republicans in districts like ryan and mcstain.

    i hate them as much as i hate dem voters.

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