Poll About CNN

Also, this cannot be stressed enough – Wolf Blitzer is an idiot.

Celebrity Jeopardy is to Jeopardy as gutter guards is to bowling.

Wolf Blitzer bowled a zero with gutter guards.


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  1. I like how the British call people like Wolf Blitzer “News Presenters” None of this “Anchor” bullshit.

  2. Doesn’t this demonstrate beautifully that you don’t ask a question if you don’t know what the answer will be?

  3. “Anchor” as in “dragging the bottom?”
    Only seen Blitzer by accident – watching some other bullshit show.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Harwood could change it to “Wolf Blitzer, or a Lone Wolf?” and get the same result. At least a Lone Wolf is honest about his contempt for you.

  5. Watching the Sunday media offal was revealing.

    They are battle weary, in disbelief and demoralized.

    Clutching straws more and more outlandish.

    One key metric cast across most outlets…

    The Media preening over record ratings. LOVE IT.

    Comprehension failure of ratings formula rise… Popcorn Power.

    PPV plank walk, plank we much.

    The condemned man, in crowds din, hears hope

    “Listen to the people, they will stop this injustice!”

    “Nope. They come to pull the rope” says the Eye

    Insert dollar, dance monkey dance

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