Poll Finds Public Confidence in Higher Education is Dropping

“higher education leaders “probably should be worried”

Legal Insurrection:

The more the public is exposed to what’s really happening on college campuses today, the less they like.

Inside Higher Ed reports:

Falling Confidence in Higher Ed

Just under half (48 percent) of American adults have “a great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in higher education, according to an analysis being released today by Gallup.

That figure is down from 57 percent in 2015 and represents a larger than typical decline in confidence in an American institution in a relatively short time period, according to Gallup. (Note: Gallup conducts some surveys for Inside Higher Ed, but this publication played no role in the results being released today.)

The largest confidence drops were found among Republicans.  read more

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  1. I’m confident in schools of higher learning. So confident in fact that everything I can do to keep my grandkids out I’ll do. My two sons went to tech and trade schools, came out with zero debt and are better off than their friends with 4 year degrees, debt, and a bad attitude.

  2. “Public Confidence in Higher Education is Dropping”

    Dropping?? Why is there any confidence in the first place??

  3. Con Grats Joe6 – sincerely! Got a niece and nephew home schooled with more open mindedness than they would have ever learned. A grand niece now as well gonna doing fine!

  4. Sadly, the situation will only improve when the voters and parents become completely disillusioned with all of the public education factories– including grade schools and high schools.

    My husband was a teacher, a good one. I know he was thwarted too often by the rules of the school board from doing the job he could have done, but he did try his best to make sure the little ones left his class at least a little brighter about History, Science and English than when they entered. He taught grades 7 and 8, not the easiest age range, but he loved it.

    The pain came when the school board would keep bad teachers in place and not allow good teachers to rise to their full potential.

  5. So many people view trades and technical careers as second string. There’s an arrogance that comes with that college degree that isn’t necessarily justified. I’d invite anyone with a 4 year college degree or higher to go take a crack at the Florida or California state mechanical exam and tell us how they make out. I can promise you they’ll be humbled.

  6. @ TN Tuxedo
    The job I perform requires a bachelors degree in a STEM field, but I only have an associates. However, my years of experience in the Navy provided the education and experience needed to qualify for the position and be considered equal to a BS.
    There are always ways around ‘requirements’ if someone is willing to put in the time and work necessary.

  7. Dat’s right GRINDER of the ORGANS!
    Too many people with useless degrees.
    4 hours a night M-F for 2 years after 10
    hours in the Fl. sun at ITT tech in Tampa.
    Electronics been good to me. We need plumbers,
    electricians,REAL carpenters {not air nail gun swingers},auto mechanics,machinists and welders.
    Not some soy boy with a genders studies degree…

  8. My nephew spent 5 years “studying” American history and he knows NOTHING.
    We also have a kid at work with a bachelor in engineering who can’t function in society. That used to be a requisite for a BS.


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