Poll: Republican New Hampshire Governor Sununu Leads Democrat Senator Hassan in 2022 Matchup


Even though Republican New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu has yet to announce his run for the U.S. Senate, more voters would vote for him in 2022 than Democrat incumbent Sen. Maggie Hassan, according to a Granite State Poll released on Thursday.

The poll, which was conducted by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center, found that 45 percent of likely midterm voters would choose Sununu and 42 percent would vote for Hassan “if the election were held today.” Six percent said they would vote for another candidate and six percent were undecided.

According to the report,  the New Hampshire race would be “one of the most closely watched races in the country” if Sununu were to run against Hassan. Both have majority support from their respective parties — 85 percent of Democrats support Hassan and 86 percent of Republicans support Sununu. Sixty-three percent of independents also prefer Sununu.

Hassan’s favorability rating has been on the decline, with only 33 percent of voters giving her high marks. Sununu’s favorability rating is slightly higher at 41 percent.

Several other Republicans have already announced their candidacy and present a credible threat to Hassan as they trail closely behind. According to the poll: more

7 Comments on Poll: Republican New Hampshire Governor Sununu Leads Democrat Senator Hassan in 2022 Matchup

  1. Wherever there is a 2-3% difference between the R and the D candidates, is where the D’s ramp up there illegal vote generation. It’s a given. They start in with the wall-to-wall disinformation campaign which begins with telling everyone that the District, County, State, etc. is “historically” Blue and suppress any changes in party caused by their crappy policies; effectively suppressing voter turnout.

    Cheating: it’s the Democrat Way.

  2. Would be nice to have a more conservative candidate, I wouldn’t expect much from Sununu. But I’m sure he would at least caucus with the Rs.

  3. Sununu is a POS. He just said this about legislators in his state who oppose the “vaccine”-“Look, Erin, when crazy comes knocking at the door, you’ve got to slam it shut. That’s all there is to it. I don’t care what party you’re from.”

    And this, speaking about yaknow, DATA & FACTS,“So there’s just absolutely no place for the misinformation…”

    I’m just about done voting and am definitely done voting for the lessor of 2 evils.


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