Poll Shows Near-Unanimous Support for Anti-Crime Bills Spiked by Maryland Democrats

WFB: Democratic lawmakers in Maryland effectively killed a package of crime prevention bills proposed by Republican governor Larry Hogan despite support by wide majorities across the state and inside Baltimore, which has become America’s deadliest large city.

Internal polling data shared with the Washington Free Beacon by Hogan’s office found overwhelming support for the four bills included in the package. The Witness Intimidation Prevention Act, which strengthened penalties for harming or threatening alleged witnesses, was supported by 97 percent of Baltimore residents and 90 percent of African Americans statewide, according to the results. Maryland Democrats have said they will not give the package an up-or-down vote.

Hogan admonished Democrats for opposing public safety reforms, pointing to Baltimore’s violent crime crisis as proof that the government needs to change its approach. The city saw 58 murders per 100,000 residents in 2019, a higher murder rate than that of Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras—countries with some of the highest crime rates in the world. read more

8 Comments on Poll Shows Near-Unanimous Support for Anti-Crime Bills Spiked by Maryland Democrats

  1. If it were not for the feckless and/or complicit eRepublicans propping them up the Democrat Part would have imploded decades ago.

  2. Well, of course the dems wouldn’t bring it to the floor; now when the Republican governor comes up for reelection, the Dems will cry “he hasn’t reduced crime!”.

  3. The Democrats always find a way to let more blacks die
    while insisting they are “saving” them from racism.
    The KKK sheets are hidden, but very much still there.

  4. @ Anonymous FEBRUARY 26, 2020 AT 2:21 PM

    That is EXACTLY what this is all about. I have posted many times caution against EVER conceding good intentions to progressives. The progressive movement has been totally invested in increasing innocent human suffering, misery and death since it’s inception.

  5. The Maryland State Senate is (has been) for decades comprised of practicing defense lawyers. Democrats have held on to the state posts since Spiro T. Agnew left office. Criminals are their bread and butter, and they need to keep that up for their own greed. When change is presented:
    Robert Ehrlich – pushed casinos, Casinos bad, Bad Republican,,,
    Martin O’Malley – Stated his 1st year efforts would be to get Hilary Clinton elected, while state senate decided Casinos good, Good Democrat.
    Larry Hogan – pushes protecting constituents, Bad Republican – because it hurts our bottom line.
    SOS, the standard or fixed voter BS been going forever.
    Add in the now United Nation Sanctuary Montgomery County , MS13 ridden, no change in future.

  6. The idiot voters in Maryland vote a Republican in as Governor then give the Democrats super majorities in the State Senate and State Delegate houses. Hogan ought to resign in protest.


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