Poll: Suburban Women Strongly Back Donald Trump’s Migration Policy


Suburban women overwhelmingly support President Donald Trump’s policy of freezing the inflow of foreign workers until they, their husbands, and their children regain the jobs lost to the coronavirus crash, according to a poll of 1,810 likely voters by Rasmussen Reports.

Just 12 percent of swing-voting “moderate” suburban women, and just 19 percent of all likely voters, agreed with business groups and Democrats that the government should “allow employers to import foreign workers to fill job openings instead of recruiting among these unemployed Americans.”

But Trump’s June 22 policy is getting overwhelming support — even among groups who are not part of the GOP coalition.

Sixty-seven percent of all voters said “no” to more foreign workers. So did 80 percent of conservative suburban women, 71 percent of moderate suburban women, and 62 percent of liberal suburban women.

Rasmussen’s June 28 to July 6 poll is important because Trump is considering whether he can boost his sagging polls by expanding the popular “Hire American” policy before the election.

The policy is opposed by business donors and by some White House aides — and by 17 percent of suburban liberal women. more here

6 Comments on Poll: Suburban Women Strongly Back Donald Trump’s Migration Policy

  1. “The policy is opposed by … by 17 percent of suburban liberal women”

    “Who will take care of our lawns? Who will clean our toilets?” ~ Plastic Nan

  2. Swing voters will swing the election this November just like they did in 2016. Watching those ‘illegal’ firework displays all over Cali shocked me. The cackling Karens in the media cracked me up. If this can happen there we may see Trump crush it. Then Joe can finally enter a nursing facility.

  3. The 17% liberal suburban women are all unemployable, undesirable, uneducated, on welfare, or have government jobs.

  4. Trump’s poll numbers are only ‘sagging’ in the MSM fake push-polls. With these riots going on, Trump will get an amazing number of people from all races and great female support as he wins again in November.

  5. VotB,

    Your lips to Gods ears…maybe, just maybe suburban white women are finally waking up and realizing the dangers of inherently voting for Marxism will eat them and their beloved babies also.

    Suburban women have been the tilt voters that always put Demonrats over the top and their voting for Demonrats cancels the suburban white male voting victory margin considerably.

    Pedo Joe and the Demonrats seek to destroy the burbs and maybe that word is finally getting out. God knows it’s about time these women wake the hell up.

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