Polling Firm Recommends Rebranding Liberal Arts

Realizing that the left has thoroughly trashed both higher education and the term “liberal”, Gallop has recommended schools rename the Liberal Arts to something that appears to have more relevance to the future like “21st Century Skills.”

“Putting the words liberal and arts together is a branding disaster,” Gallup says. “Note, the problem isn’t with the substance of a liberal arts education but with the words we use to describe it.”


Of course none of it would matter if schools trained students to think critically, not propagandize them with socialist ideology.

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  1. ‘How about Useful Idiocy in the 21st Century’, or ‘How You Can Become Completely Hysterical And Irrelevant In Tomorrow’s World, or ‘Public Assistance Skills For Your Future’?

  2. Leave it. When a fool says he has a degree in liberal arts, drive-up window managers need to know that. People with those degrees are not likely to quit any time soon.

  3. Formal education has been trashed.
    The seven liberal arts and sciences- grammar, rhetoric, logic, arithmetic, geometry, music and astronomy aren’t being taught, properly, if at all. Schools have become babysitter’s clubs for bad parents.

    Years ago, I had a friend whose Triumph sports car was ‘smoking,’ and she was very concerned about it. Another friend, a computer pioneer, said he could fix it for $5, but it would take a few days. A few days passed and he announced the problem had been solved. We went out to look. The car was still ‘smoking.’ “You have to come back here to see the repair” he said as he pointed to the back of the car. There, on the back of the car, he had affixed a “Diesel” badge from a VW Rabbit. As he said- ‘Don’t change the program, change the documentation.”
    That’s what they will do- leave the problem, and change the narrative

  4. How queer.
    *I* always thought the proper term
    was “Trade School.”
    (“Junior College”…if the term made them feel better)

  5. I have a good friend that went to Colorado on a Ski Scholarship (Olympics Aspirations ) Ended up with a Liberal Arts Degree….Joined the Navy, flew A-7’s and F/A-18’s ,fought in the Gulf War…and is now a First Officer for American Airlines….As an Ex USAF Guy…I never let Him forget about His degree…and the fact that the Navy has lower standards than the Air Force.

  6. Call a two year college, “Training in Logics”. Call a Four year college “Training in Advanced Logics”. Higher education can be labeled by the intended degree such as Training in Medicine.
    Meanwhile, abolish all studies that separate groups by race, gender, political preference or feelings!
    No more group think! Everyone does not get an A.

  7. I lean towards re-branding as: Over-educated, degreed, dumbed-down, self-absorbed, spoon-fed, celebrity-obsessed, White guilt-ridden, Birkenstock-wearing, bottled-water-drinking, Politically Correct, kumbaya-singing, Xanax-disabled, Rainbow Plantation, Crap sandwich-eating, debt-ridden Progressive, but I admit, it might be too long of a name… even as an acronym!

  8. Each field of study asks a central question:
    Science: How does that work?
    Engineering: How do I make one?
    Economics: How do I run a company making those?
    Liberal Arts: You want I should put it in a bag for you?

  9. I had a guy work for me once for a couple of years. Great employee, hard working, enthusiastic, polite. Then he went to college. After he got out, he couldn’t get a job so I hired him for a while and he was a different person: lazy, entitled, rude. I had to let him go.

  10. No,no, no! Liberal arts 21st Century skills!
    “Liberal” arts are those free from immediate application, I.e., knowledge for its own sake.

  11. Posting didn’t like some of my symbols, I see. Last posting should have read, liberal arts are not equal to 21st century skills.


    That’s what I call it. I never identify any “liberal arts” credits as such. The word “liberal” is utter trash.

    College teaches THEORY, reading a bazzillion pages, then writing reports…..just like the many professor who have ZERO CREDITS from an actual dept. of education that, you know, instructs people on HOW to teach?

    Train your professors and maybe people would learn something other than being a mini-author trying to pass by writing what the professor wants to hear.

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