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ABC/WaPo Poll: Support for Border Wall Soars Among Swing Voters.

Poll: Majority of Voters Agree with Trump, Call Porous Border a ‘Crisis’.

Nolte — Poll: Trump Approval Climbs as Scorn of Mueller Probe Increases.

Trump doubles down on border wall, as polls show voters turning against his shutdown strategy.

And if those are of no interest, make up your own.

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  1. And now a new batch of Honduran Trump supporters is coming to the border to drive home Trump’s message. I guess sometimes they really do come out of love, Jeb!

  2. Nancy, Shmuckie and the Dumbocrats keep on their ‘message’ that the President merely wants to build the wall to ‘appease’ his supporters.

    YES, you jackoffs! His supporters are we citizens who ELECTED him President because of his platform, including that wall!!!

    So build the damn thing, or be buried in the foundations for the pilings.

    Or, come here let me smack you stupid around your ears, you career thieves, you worthless nobodies!!!!!!!

  3. I have just one question. Who is a goddamn swing voter these days? One party wants to destroy your gender, your sex, your speech, your defense, and your fcuking MIND!

    The other does not.

    Geee…. let me thinkkkk….

  4. @Anonymous January 15, 2019 at 9:49 pm

    > To get the progs on board, PDT should start calling the wall a border condom needed for population control.

    A border abortion. Ensuring national autonomy.


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