Pompeo Speech in Cairo


In the historic annals of linguistic evisceration, the speech delivered today by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Cairo, Egypt, will long be remembered.

Standing in the venue of the American University in Cairo, the exact location used by former President Barack Obama in 2009, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo absolutely shredded the prior administration’s mid-east policy with a comprehensive and complete rebuke of the former President.


ht/ Abigail Adams


5 Comments on Pompeo Speech in Cairo

  1. This is how a SOS should sound.
    BO has to be stomping mad after hearing this, good.
    Team Trump is good, real good.

  2. wow, just WOW!

    The biggest most comprehensive and well said smack-down of Obumbles filled with FACTS and bursting with recriminations!

    This man just did west point and America PROUD!!!

    The future for our allies looks mighty bright with this man in killaires old job and our enemies are going to suffer instead of handing out payola to corruptocrats.

    one million upticks for this man and if he stays the course I would vote for him to become President in 2024.

  3. Better have James Taylor stop everything and rush to the side of John John Kerry and Bozo, they’ll need a serenade after this thrashing.
    Love it, He took both of those idiots completely apart in front of the entire world.

  4. I’m expecting Pompeo to follow Trump as President. Two honest leaders in one administration is beyond belief.


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