Pompeo, The Great Climate Skeptic



“He’s a great climate skeptic and he’s not going to be in favor of the Paris treaty as Tillerson was. I think it’s awesome,” said Steven J. Milloy, who runs a website, JunkScience.com, aimed at undermining climate science and who worked on the Environmental Protection Agency transition team for the Trump administration. “The administration seems to be shedding its Paris climate supporters.”  Go See

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  1. @Doug, I think the best term for us is “non-believer” since “climate science” is really a religion and not science at all. Calling us “climate skeptics” is the equivalent of calling an atheist a “God skeptic”.

  2. Skeptic means that you are looking for information supporting the hypothesis. We all were climate skeptics. But now that we have ample information rejectionist sounds reasonable.

  3. Also, as a US Representative, Pompeo introduced a bill naming the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist org.
    I’ll bet the climate change rah-rahs aren’t the only ppl who felt a tinge of nausea at the announcement.

  4. The smart President Trump used Tillerson’s stature, his gravitas and resume, to establish a foothold for his presidency. Now it is time for resolute, swift movement toward goals. (NoKo, US border security, swamp clearing and drainage, et mult al.)
    Rex seemed to favor stability and caution. It’s rather funny that the leftists cried for him.
    Global Warming™ is a calculated concession that energy companies have to make to keep the savages calm. Trump don’t care. And God, PLEASE continue to guide our stallwart President and keep his evil adversaries away.


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