Poor Cat

Oh, wait.

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  1. Looks like a bird or a white mouse emerging from its head.

    Which makes it a bird-brained Democat or a full-blown DemocRAT.

  2. Is this a funny illusion?

    75% Yes
    25% Yes, but in tan

    (I saw the hole, but also a pie chart lol)

  3. I’m not a cat person, so I see a furry four legged animal – to put it nicely.

    Although, I also see a Pac-Man image too. Just what exactly am I supposed to see? Is this a Rorschach ink blot image?

  4. Looks like the exit wound on JFK’s forehead after the secret service shot him from behind with their newly acquired 5.56 M-16!

  5. OK, Doc. I think I’ll just slowly back out of this thread and gently close my browser and put the lid down on my laptop.

    Good night. Sweet dreams.


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